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Dec 21, 2010 05:53 PM

Favorite Russian Recipe! :) I am obsessed lately with Russian food. I have always had it here in NJ, and last week we were in Brighton Beach (again!) for some great food!

From these posts, I have gotten great Armenian recipes, Greek, Lebanese, etc.

Now I want Russian.! Since I am not Russian, but love the food, can anyone share a family recipe, or something they love Russian? I have a few from restaurants I Uzbeck salad....

Thanks for any help! or any links to sites that may be useful...I am an avid cook, so I am not afraid of any recipes!

Thanks again!!! :)

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  1. Chicken Kiev
    Pierogi - I love dessert ones too (blueberry, strawberry, etc)

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      We must be on the same wave length.

    2. Beef/pork cutlets fried in butter with mashed potatoes and mushroom sauce. Berry kissel for dessert.

      Google Russian cuisine and you will get many traditional recipes.

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          Look for the Pelmeny Siberia which was served at the Russian Tea Room in New York. Fantastic dish!

      1. Borscht, Piroshki & Pelmeni!

        Haven't attempted to make Piroshki or Pelmeni yet!

        1. I am a cheerleader for the soups...Kharcho, Rassolnik, solyanka...this lst(meat version) is a delight & I've had lots if fun in Russia in a search for "The Best" which is a search that I hope never ends. I'd compare several versions of each of these--and more--to get a feel for them.

          Anything with mushrooms, of course, esp. the julienne (zhuliene) is a favorite of mine. The ones I have had on trains have always been good. And I like the oft-derided Salat Olivier (but it _can_ be bad, like anything else).

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            As you know, a russian cannot go without soup at a meal and therefore there are so many varieties. You hit some of the main ones and there are many, many more. Good luck on your quest!

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              Thanks!!! this is some great info!!

          2. Angelina, When I want to go full on Russian food, I head over to this blog.

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              awesome, Hill!!! thanks so much!