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Dec 21, 2010 04:25 PM

Wong Java House in Alhambra - Where's The Coffee?

Waiting for my car to be serviced I peeked across the street and saw the brand new signage WONG JAVA HOUSE that wasn't there the last time I went by. Hmm, I thought, maybe they also have tea, boba drinks, or even popcorn chicken to snack on while I was waiting. However, as soon as I entered the place I saw that this was a regular restaurant, not a drink and snack place, and that Java did not refer to coffee, but to Indonesian cuisine. Very interesting menu with several dozen mostly Indonesian items. I had the fried fish cake which was a superior version of that product. Too bad the serving was rather small. Oh yeah, they do have iced and regular coffee, but the durian blended with vanilla syrup and condensed milk is probably more enticing. Wong Java House is at 1936 W. Valley Blvd, same block as Rey Rey Eat To The Beat. That location was home to Valley Noodle House several years ago, but I don't think it had been a restaurant location recently. Extra bonus is that their business card gives you $5 off on your next passport or immigration photo at some place in downtown Alhambra.

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  1. I went there a few weeks ago and it was decent. I still prefer Simpang Asia (can't get enough of their nasi bungkus!), but it's good to have an Indonesian restaurant closer to the SGV. I had the Indonesian fried chicken, which despite looking dry, was juicy and nicely spiced.

    I do wish they had some sort of laksa on the menu.

    full write up here:

    Simpang Asia
    10433 National Blvd 2, Los Angeles, CA 90034

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      I miss laksa too but that wouldn't really be Indonesian :P