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Dec 21, 2010 03:46 PM

DUALIT LITE TOASTER--can this toaster be saved?

I've had the Dualit Lite two slice toaster for about 5 years. It toasted very well until recently. For some reason, using the same settings as always, my bread ends up burning. Tonight slices of (thick) bread burned at #4 setting; I used to put the same type of bread on #8 and the result was perfect. No longer.

Since I know nothing about electric appliances, I wonder if there might be a cure for this problem. (I cannot find anything on their website and they say that customer service for this product is only for UK customers). (I bought the toaster on Amazon)

Although this is the less expensive Dualit, it cost me almost 100$US and I am a bit annoyed that it seems to be failing after only a relatively short time...

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