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Dec 21, 2010 03:31 PM

Kerala grocery store on golf road, Chicago il


I was wondering if anybody new about a grocery store called P&B grocery store on golf road in Chicago, il. I believe they sell good goat meat and fish. If you are not aware of this store can anyone suggest any other kerala grocery store which is less than 5 Miles from the super H-MART in Niles, il. I know there is a kerala grocery store on Devon avenue.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Do you know what town this grocery store is in? It can't be on Golf Road in Chicago, because no part of Golf Road is within the Chicago city limits. (Golf Road runs east and west, and passes through suburban towns north and northwest of Chicago, including Niles.)

    Also FYI, the part of Devon Avenue with all the Indian food stores is only about seven miles from the Hmart in Niles. The largest is the Patel Brothers store at 2610 West Devon.

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      I am not familiar with Chicago. A friend of my suggested that the P&B grocery store has goat meat and I thought since it is close to the Hmart I will stop by but I could not find that store online. Do you know of any kerala grocery stores that is close to the Hmart in Niles and that has goat meat. I am trying to avoid going to devon avenue.

      1. re: resaustin

        I think that may be behind omega restaurant west of golf and greenwood. Or it may be east of milwaukee on golf near the walmart.

    2. It's in a large shopping center at the north east corner of Milawaukee and Golf. There's an indian grocery on Main, just west of Crawford (MGM Geetha) that has a large selection of southern Indian grocery items.