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Dec 21, 2010 03:01 PM

cookies - wolfzahne pan? (specialty baking pans)

Does anyone know a source for the special baking pan used to bake wolfzahne?

Wolfzahne are a traditional German cookie that my mother has made at Christmas for years. They are vanilla flavored cookies with hazelnuts, and get their name (wolf teeth) from their long, thin shape, which comes to a point at the end.

Traditionally, these should be baked in a special pan which is zig-zag profile: the batter rests in the valleys of the pan, which makes the resulting cookie is long and thin and is triangular- shaped in cross section, and this also produces the point at the end. Most recipes instruct you to pipe the batter from a bag onto a flat baking sheet, but this produces more of a worm shape. I want wolfzahne, not worms.

My mother obtained her pan a long time ago from a friend who lived in Germany for a short time, and I don't know where to look domestically.

I can't seem to locate one online, buI there may be a European grocery somewhere that carries esoteric baking things - any suggestions either way?

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  1. Apparently someone else had this very same problem and provided the source:

    BTW: I could not find a Wolfszähne groovy cookie pan in the US, so I
    sent for mine from a French online cookware site, Meilleur du chef On this site the pan is called "Plaque Dents de
    Loup," and sells for about 16.70 € / 21.68 USD, not including shipping.

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      Thanks for the great info; I am having a great time just getting lost and browsing the site for all sorts of amazing things and gadgets that are uncommon or difficult to find here.