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Dec 21, 2010 01:18 PM

Bamboo House

I will meet my friends from MD at Newark DE for Christmas Lunch. I decide to try Bamboo House after finding mention of it in a piece about area dining diversity. I don't want to play safe and have American style Asian cuisine, would much rather try some ""typical" Asian food. Any suggestions?

Bamboo House
721 College Sq, Newark, DE 19711

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  1. Hi sodarnhungry! I've not eaten at Bamboo House yet but mainland Chinese colleagues (some 10-15) of a friend working at DuPont go there regularly from Wilmington. So I am confidant if you wade through the American-Chinese glop and ignore the Japanese items you can get a decent Chinese meal there. How many in your group and is everyone into sharing food? Chinese eat communally or family style. So even if one person in your group does not eat shrimp, that does not mean the other shrimp-loving diners have to suffer cause the non-shrimp eater just eats around the shrimp.

    Tell the host and/or wait-staff that you and your party do not want to eat American-Chinese food but want home-style Chinese food.

    First ask if they have any good house specials. These might have been written down on a whiteboard near the entrance in Chinese only or English/Chinese. See if any of these appeal to you. Normally Chinese will want to share a balanced meal: varying the proteins and vegetables as well as the textures of the food and cooking styles.

    Proceed right to the area of the menu that says Chef’s Authentic Dishes (at the end of the menu online.) I see they have Steamed Whole Fish. A must-have if the fish is very fresh. Inquire as to what kind of fish it is and how fresh it really is. If the fish is not the freshest then get the whole fish prepared in another manner: Crispy Whole or Fish with Pickled Vegetables.

    Other dishes to consider: Green Tea Smoked Duck, Salt and Pepper Squid (or Shrimp), Smoked Pork with Hot Peppers, Vegetarian Ham with Tofu, Mala Lamb. I assume the Vegetarian “ham” is made of wheat gluten. The mala here in the lamb dish may refer to the Sichuan ma-la: Ma 麻 meaning numbing and La 辣 meaning hot. Numbing and hot flavor.

    I’d ask too what kind of Chinese vegetables they have. They should have some Chinese greens on hand. If you are interested I can send you more info on that.

    Bamboo House
    721 College Sq, Newark, DE 19711

    1. Hi, Sodarn! Good choice. I'll be there as well with my mom as we both decided we won't cook this year! Scoop is correct. Ask for the authentic stuff and they will steer you right. Say hi! I'll be the big guy sitting with his mom right in front...

      1. scoopG: Green Tea Smoked Duck and Salt and Pepper seafood sound delish!! I hope I don't have to pick out the bones from the Crispy Whole Fish.

        mwerkharder: I will be looking for you and say hi!!

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          Hope you enjoyed your meal! Re fish bones, they are usually pretty easy to deal with. Also your waiter can de-bone it for you if you ask!

        2. I'm gonna go tomorrow for lunch. I work in Newark but I'm a little confused about exactly where this is. Is it in the shopping center with KMart?

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            Yep, that's the one. If you're in front of the K-mart, it's all the way back in the left hand corner, kinda by itself. All the other stores are empty around it...
            Let us know how you liked it!