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Dec 21, 2010 12:57 PM

food apps----any to recommend?

I have joined the 21st centrury. . . .well sort of, as I now own an Itouch. It does not have permanent wireless connection--I must be connected through whatever Wifi. This is NOT a non-sequiter as my question relates to food related apps.

I purchased the BBC's Good Food Festive food app and love it. Tons of yummy british holiday food recipes. Plus the whole thing is downloaded so I can ride home on the bus persuing recipes and deciding what to make for dinner while walking through the market.

I downloaded the Jamie Olivier tester pack. Not bad but only 10 recipes. BBC's good food was $3 or $4 dollars on Itunes for nearly 200 recipes so I'm not inclined to buy Jamie's app.

I downloaded the free Epicurious and find its not bad as long as I'm looking at stuff I've looked at before as it requires an internet connection.

I downloaded the Food Network Canada's app and like it but like Epicurious, it doesn't really work if I'm not connected to the internet.

Finally in the course of researching an upcoming trip to Paris, I found a free app that lists hundreds of cheeses available in France and even has pictures. Alas, it is all in French and requires WiFi to work properly but still, the photos are some nice food porn if you like cheese.

does anyone have any really good free food apps to recommend? Or any that you have bought that you feel are worth every penny?

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  1. The Mario Batali app is on sale right now for $2.99. It has between 20 and 30 recipes and I think each comes with a video of Mario preparing said recipe. I find it easy to use and informative. Has info on wines etc. Worth checking out if you're a Batali or Italian fan.


    1. One I like, and its free is BigOven - tons of recipes, and you can do grocery lists, and it has a social aspect as well where you can post recipes.

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        Similar to BigOven is AllRecipes (also known as the Dinner Spinner) - has lots of recipes, frees, you can save recipes, etc. But one waring about both of those is that I think all the recipes are posted by other users and so some of them are just plain bad. But for the price, well worth it.

      2. I purchased the Michael Ruhlman Ratios app and think it was worth every penny. It is a fantastic reference in the palm of my hands. I also have the book - but really you only need the app to get the concept down and as you can adapt the ratios and then save your own versions in the recipe area it is very useful. Also, importantly for you, you do not need to be on the WiFi for it to work.

        1. I'm kind of obsessed with the Epicurious app. It's like recipe porn. ;)
          I have a few issues with it -- for instance, I wish you could categorize your saved recipes so you don't have to scroll through a ton to find something. But for the most part I find it to be a user-friendly app. I'm a big fan of recipes with reviews. I like having others go before me. ;)

          1. I have Bittman's "How To Cook Everything" app. One of the best spends of five dollars ever.

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              Just bought this app newer version that was released in the past couple of days ($9.99). Love it. Thanks