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Entenmann's in LA

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A friend in Bangkok is craving Entenmann's coffee cake. It wouldn't be my craving, but I'd like to deliver some to him on my next trip. But they're nowhere to be found. Where does one find Entenmann's in LA?



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  1. If you can't find it at the grocery store, you can buy it from Orowheat Bakeries' outlet direct,(they make Entemanns). One on Sepulveda between Cabrillo and Western in Torrance, one on Bloomfield near Katella, and I'd guess there are other locations.

    1. There is another Orowheat/Entenmann's outlet in Culver City on Washington 1 blk west of Main.

      They sell lots of Entenmann product at most grocery stores - you could try (or call) a major Ralphs or Vons quickly and easily.

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        Since the post is so old. I'd thought I would mention the Culver City outlet is long gone.

      2. There's also an Orowheat/Entemann's Outlet in South Pasadena on Mission. You can get a break if you buy it at the outlets. You can also call them and find out which supermarkets they deliver to and get it there.

        1. Any Ralphs.

          1. Odd. Just came back from BKK and found that the cake situation was MUCH improved from when I lived there 5 years ago. Still, I have learned that expat tastebuds must not be denied!

            I would stick to the Ralph's route and find the freshest one you can find. The coffee cakes freeze well enough, depending on whether you will be flying straight to BKK or stopping off en route.

            1. I always stop in at the one in Palmdale, on my drive out of town to see the kids. It's on the way and convenient off the freeway. They tell me in there that many don't stop in as people think it's a industrial building used for their company loading and unloading of trucks carrying their products, don't know why tho, looks open and welcoming to me.
              Love their bread but mostly I get the Entenmanns chocolate chocolate donuts.

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                Since the OP is almost 4 years old, I hope they found it by now!

              2. Who reopened this old post?

                Anyway, back on topic for who ever may care...

                There is also an Entenmann's outlet in the SGV north of the 10 fry on Temple City Blvd. 1/2 block north of Valley Blvd. I am not sure if that area is El Monte or Temple City -- probably El Monte. The reason I bring it up after all the other post above about these outlets is because I asked if they can have specific fresh items delivered and the manager told me to let them have a two or three day advance notce and he could. do it The commom items at the outlet are "day old" but this guy told me if they make a special order it would be very fresh. I got some hard to find Chocolate covered Devil's Food donuts by special order and they were great. These outlets maight offer more than just day old, so it is worth asking

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                  Are you from the Burg?

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                    Pits'burg? No. I am from Crocklyn. My fadda (Whyd’jeetwitoutme) grew up in da Burg and he named me.