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Dec 21, 2010 11:49 AM

Granada dinner on Christmas: easy and low-key

My family and I will be arriving in Granada on the evening of Dec 25 after a long day of travel from Boston (supposed to be there already, but we were screwed by Heathrow/snow/chaos!).

Given that we'll be exhausted and arriving late (around 8:30 pm), where could we get a delicious dinner that would be reasonably quick and low-key enough for five exhausted travelers? Of course, it has to be somewhere that's open on Christmas!

We're staying in the AC Santa Paula, so we could just book their restaurant - EL Claustro - if that would be a good option. If not, somewhere near the hotel would be great.

Any suggestions?

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  1. That's a rough one, because lunch is usually easier to book than dinner on Christmas day. I would enlist the help of the hotel... El Claustro does have a lot of buzz because of its semi-celeb chef. The space is also supposed to be very nice (though I've never been). In your place, I'd probably go for the safe reservation in the hotel due to stress and exhaustion and travel mayhem.

    P.S. I love Granada at this time of year. If you like seafood, check out Bar FM and if you don't mind standing up and eating copious amounts of fried stuff from the sea, Los Diamantes. Both have quirky hours, especially around the holidays so call (or have the hotel call--not for a reservation, but just to figure out the hours) first. Also, if you are going to the Alhambra, get your tickets in advance!