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Dec 21, 2010 11:43 AM

where to eat near mt snow

Can anyone recommend some restaurants in the mt snow area? In my experience many restauranta near ski areas are mediocre. Need child friendly for one night or at least receptive for well behaved child who is has dined in finer restaurants

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  1. I don't know the exact distance, but I highly recommend getting pizza at Zuppardi's in Wilmington!

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      My friends in Wilmington say this place is closed.

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        Waaahhh!!! Say it ain't so! I'm only glad I didn't make the drive over there when I was in need of a good pizza. Thanks for the update!

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          Yes it has closed, but another restaurant opened in the same space. I believe it's called Apres Vous, although I haven't been yet.

    2. TC's Family restaurant in West Dover (2 miles south of Mt. Snow) is very good. Family-friendly, casual, great food, large portions.


      1. The Roadhouse on Rt 100 in Wilmington is very good. Also a newly renovated place called the Last Chair just opened on Rt 100 in West Dover (used to be Deacon's Den). Valley View Saloon in the Mt. Snow Marketplace as you come into West Dover is also good.

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          The Last Chair is excellent. Ate their 2 nights last weekend. Highly recommend it. The arcade room is great for kids while you wait. The food was delicious and we had a big group. Everyone loved it. We went back the 2nd night and again so good! H

        2. Is there any decent Chinese?

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            Yes. First Wok Chinese Restaurant, Route 100, West Dover, VT, between West Dover and Wilmington.

            First Wok Chinese Restaurant
            PO Box 1509, West Dover, VT 05356

          2. Hands down the best restaurant in the Valley is The Wilmington Inn and Tavern. They use local produce, antibiotic and hormone free local meats and locally raised trout. Chef Susannah has cooked and studied in Europe. Before moving to Vermont she owned a restaurant in Dallas. Tuesday nights feature a chefs tasting menu, Wednesday is Tapas night, and Thursday through Saturday they serve a farm to table menu.