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Dec 21, 2010 10:38 AM

"Five hour duck" recipe for small goose?

We have a small farm-raised goose to roast for Christmas dinner. The goose is about 7lbs dressed and since it is of similar size to a duck, I thought it might be a candidate for the 5 hour duck recipe ( that has been discussed on chowhound. Should we anticipate any problems trying this? Are there any modifications we should consider? Any advice would be appreciated.

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  1. My personal knowledge is limited on goose but I have cooked a fair number of ducks. My mom, on the other hand, cooked goose all the time. Seriously, it the only thing she ever made.

    The recipe you link to mentions pouring off the fat, which my mom certainly did to the goose but she didn't pierce the skin. I don't know how I feel about garlic and goose, only because I never had it together. Mom did lots of salt and pepper and stuffed the cavity with yellow apples, which might go nicely with the thyme.

    FYI - I seem to remember her geese taking less time to cook then my ducks. We had an lively discussion about duck versus goose cooking times that resulted in my removing an under cooked duck because she insisted it had to be overcooked. (it wasn't, it was quite raw)

    Good luck with your goose. I miss her goose dinners.