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Dec 21, 2010 10:37 AM

ISO albumen or dried egg white powder?

has anyone ever seen albumen or dried egg white powder?

i'm looking for some for gluten free baking.


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  1. I saw some on Sat at the Sobey's on Front just east of the market. They actually had two brands.

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      Do remember which isle it was in? I went looking today and couldn't find it. I asked the people working there and they didn't know either.



    2. Try bulk barn for the egg white powder.
      Gluten free baking - Sobeys carries a line that does gluten-free cookies and such in their baked goods section.

      1. Any GNC/ Popeye's supplement store. It's a big thing with the weightilfting crowd. you can even get it online at

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          Thanks :)
          I checked the websites and the products I found all had other additives like vanilla flavoring. I need it for baking macarons so not sure if it would work since macarons are finicky and tricky...

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            You could try
            They let you custom build your product and you can choose not to have anything

        2. If you are highly sensitive to gluten, just be careful to check with the manufacturer. I called Barry Farm Foods and the person I spoke to stated their egg albumen/albumin is not gluten-free. Knowing that some manufacturers will not mark products gluten-free, though they do not contain gluten ingredients, I asked her to read me what was on the label. She said it only listed "dried egg". That tells me that they either make it in a facility that makes gluten products; Barry Farms may not be certain how it is made (some manufacturers may be in another country such as China); or they are not listing what else they add to the dried egg.

          If you wish to purchase it from there here is the link:

          1. Thanks for everyones help.

            I was able to find it at the bulk barn at hillcrest mill. It costs 5.99 for 100g package.

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                It says gluten free on the package. It is from El Peto