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Dec 21, 2010 09:59 AM

"Authentic" Sushi in CT for sushi snob friend?

A friend of mine is coming to visit and I'd like to take her out for some "authentic" sushi - she lived in Japan for quite a while and will quickly tell you that she is a sushi snob... I had thought I'd take her out to Maeda in Avon but, alas, it has closed. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. If you like sushi, you must try Wild Rice in Fairfield, on Post Rd.

    Wild Rice
    1612 Post Rd, Fairfield, CT 06824

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    1. re: agi

      while I enjoy Wild Rice, I would not call it "authentic" sush and would not recommend for a sushi snob. In the same area (Fairfield), Fin would fit the bill more appropriately.

    2. Umi Sushi in Blue Back Square, West Hartford ( is a conveyor belt sushi place (the concept is apparently common in Japan) which is run by some/all (not sure) of the people behind Maeda. I have not been there yet myself.

      Blue Back Cafe
      51 Isham Rd, West Hartford, CT 06107

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      1. re: Scott R

        Have been to a couple of those places in Manhattan. The sushi is just above the quality of buffet sushi. And there are serious sanitary problems -- I once saw a guy sneezing as the items rolled by.

        Can't speak for Umi Sushi. but my limited experience says that while a conveyor belt place might be authentic , it's probably not the venue for a sushi snob.

        1. re: Scott R

          I think they call this "robataya." My spelling could be off. I've been there; the sushi's good but it's expensive.

          The concept is clever, but in this town (West Hartford) everyone wants their food "their way" so they're reluctant to pick something already-made off the conveyor.

          That being said, your friend might dig the vibe.

        2. Honestly, if I had a "sushi snob" friend coming to visit, I would most definitely not take her for sushi in CT. I don't think you are going to find anything authentic enough for someone like that. Perhaps some nice Italian?? :-)

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          1. re: sibeats

            I agree with sibeats. If your friend wants authentic sushi she'd be much better off taking the train into NYC.

            I think Connecticut seems to get the farm-to-table thing down pretty well (although I hate using that word) and there are definitely some good Italian rests. in CT

          2. Norimaki in Washington Depot, CT got good reviews...I would be interested to hear comments from folks who have tried it

            1. I guess you could say I am a sushi snob. Lived in NYC for 17 years, been to Japan 12+ times and I am married to a Japanese woman. I grew up in West Hartford and travel there often to visit family.

              The only place in the Hartford area that serves decent sushi IMHO is Murasaki in west hartford center. Its run by Japanese. The sushi is not up to par with NYC sushi, but its acceptable.
              Not the best atmosphere, and I would not try anything too adventurous-but its decent and the cooked food is good.
              If your friend is a snob, he can sit at the sushi bar, inspect what looks good and decide for himself.