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Dec 21, 2010 09:01 AM

Lucy's Ethiopian Restaurant

I noticed that Lucy's Ethiopian has opened in the old Raja's Mahal space on Franklin. I was going to stop in and look at the menu, but noticed they had a web address on their sign, so thought I would just check it out at home. Unfortunately the address doesn't seem to be working yet, so I'll stop by another time and look at the menu.

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    1. re: The Dairy Queen

      speaking of Ethiopian, has anyone been to Flamingo lately? I loved the food the first time I went , the second time it wasn't so great...

    2. Mr. Tastebud & I went to Lucy's Ethiopian Restaurant on 12/30. The place was almost empty at 7:30 (perhaps because bad weather was forecast but not in evidence). The ambiance is nothing special, but the welcome was warm and professional. We ordered a veggie sampler for 2, plus an order of Doro Wat (chicken leg and hardboiled egg). The veggie sampler had salad, collard greens, red lentils, yellow lentils, cabbage & carrots, beans & carrots, and something else that was red like the red lentils, but smooth and spiced differently. It way too much food for two, but we gobbled it all. Everything was very good, and the Doro Wat was the best I've ever had. I'm still dreaming of that dish.

      We WILL be back! And we're recommending this place to everyone we know who likes Ethiopian food. I hope they can gain some momentum and survive in this challenging location (E Franklin at 31st).


      P.S. Their sign says "", but the web site still isn't active. Our server said that the hours are 11am - 1am daily.

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      1. re: AnneInMpls

        I haven't stopped in yet, but their "WE NOW OPEN" banner cracks me up every time I drive by.

        1. re: jaycooke

          Cute - and it gets the point across, right? So stop in sometime....

          1. re: AnneInMpls

            I plan to! Especially after reading your review.

        2. re: AnneInMpls

          Hi Anne, wonder if the red item you mentioned is Shiro. Just had it recently for the first time here LA and loved it. I am wondering how this place compares to Fasika in St Paul. Went there in November when I was last in the twin cities and had The Ultimate Combination. It was wonderful. Thank you!

        3. Had some banging lamb dish that was cooked up by nura the proprietress. Just told her Iiked spicy meat. Great Flavor!!!

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          1. re: becjust

            For the people who have been there -- do they have rice or some other alternative to the injera bread? I love Ethiopian but my husband doesn't like the injera. I would appreciate hearing about any alternatives (or dishes without bread)!

          2. Would also love to know if they have a wine/beer license or plan to. I don't care, but dining companions need a glass of wine to be happy.

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            1. re: rockyd

              I didn't notice any beer or wine being offered, and though I didn't ask, I doubt that they have a license. It's a tiny, bare-bones place, and a beer/wine license is expensive.

              My sympathies on your dining companions :-) ...(only half kidding)...


            2. Stopped in for a quick bite Thursday evening. I don't remember the name of the veg dish I had but it was all about the lentils, first entree on the veg page. Took a bite and was instantly transported back to the days of the Odaa on Cedar and the Blue Nile when they gave a $h|t.

              Will be going back to sample more and I am putting this on my 'eat there every other week' list.
              I asked for 'spicy sauce' which usually means some concoction involving Berbere. It wasn't that spicy but it was the most complex version I have ever had. I really hope this one succeeds where others didn't in this location.

              However... 4.99 for french fries?