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Dec 21, 2010 08:41 AM

Biscuit help needed

Hello --

I'm looking to serve a Christmas ham on biscuits. I've got the ham, but am at a loss on where to get the biscuits in D.C. I need a couple large bags, but don't want to spend a lot of money. I know I would find them at some of the nearby Amish markets, but won't be able to get to one of them.

Anybody have any ideas for sources of ready-made biscuits? Or if not, are the tubes of bake-your-own that they sell at supermarkets any good?



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  1. I know I'm not telling you what you want to hear, but in my opinion, if you care about the quality of the biscuits, you will have to bake them yourself. There is no other alternative. Personally, I think the refrigerator type that is sold in supermarkets is so bad as to be inedible. Especially for a special occasion dinner.

    1. I agree with Woodley that homemade is better than refrigerator, but what came to mind as a good place to get quality biscuits would be David Guas's new bakery, Bayou Bakery. He was the pastry chef at Acadiana, among other restaurants, so he knows biscuits.

      901 New York Ave NW Ste 200A, Washington, DC 20001

      1. I always use Parker House rolls for my ham "biscuits". They are less crumbly and hold up thru a buffet better than a traditional biscuit. I buy the frozen dough and let thaw & rise. Everyone loves them and it makes the house smell so good as company comes in. Fits the budget well, too.

        1. I have seen individual frozen biscuits at Trader Joe's in the past. Worth a look.

          1. Sister Schuberts!! Can find them in the freezer section of Harris-Teeter stores.