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Dec 21, 2010 08:25 AM

Store bought Latkes?

Hi All,

I'm contemplating a cocktail party next week and I want to make it as stress-free as possible. I recently had a dish that was a mini-latke topped with smoked salmon, creme fraiche, and capers. I want to recreate this for my party, but I've never made latkes before -- and I'm not a fan of frying as the oil has an affinity for my skin :|. Can someone recommend a place intown where I could purchase tasty, premade latkes?


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  1. Try one of the kosher caterers but they no doubt have minimums that are larger than what you want and we are past Chanukah. Be forewarned that store bought frozen mini latkes are virtually indistinguishable from hash browns (Cavendish in Canada made the ones distributed by the kosher company I once worked for). . Frankly, a fast food hash round with a VERY thin slice of red onion would work just as well....

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      Good to know about the frozens. I'll take jboeke's recommendation and contact Goldbergs.

    2. Maybe Goldbergs would do it for you? I know they offer full sized latkes on their menu and they do a decent take-out business. Might be worth a phone call to ask and you could reheat them in the oven before serving.

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      1. Seems like I have seen them occasionally in the prepared foods case at either Whole Foods or Fresh Market. I read once Trader Joe's had them in a frozen foods section. If any of those are close by you might go by for a look. No idea of quality.

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          Went to TJ's today and examined their frozen latkes...they are much too thick for what I'm trying to do. Will keep my eyes peeled at Fresh market and Whole Foods.

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            Just curious if you found an option? I'm planning a small, family party next month and was thinking of serving these if you had found a solution for the rest of us to copy!

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              I think they have them at the Kroger at Toco Hills, the Kosher Kroger.

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                Goldberg's wanted $1/latke and I thought that was wayyyyyyy too expensive. I ended up buying Simply Potatoes from Publix - basically, pre-prepped shredded potatoes and followed this recipe on epicurious: A lot of the user comments recommended adding an extra egg and flour and I found it necessary to hold the potatoes together. I also seasoned my latkes to add more flavor to this component. My latkes topped with smoked salmon and creme fraiche were a hit. My guests compared them to the ones served at Canoe!

                Having said that, it was wayyyyyyyyyy too much trouble. I should've just bought the latkes or ditched the dish altogether.

          2. Try Bagel Palace in Toco Hills. They will let you order in bulk and they are pretty darn good. Not as good as my mother's but not bad.