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HELP -- Need suggestions for a no brainer Christmas beef dish -- preferably on the less expensive side

- preferably on the less expensive side

Needs to Feed 10.

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  1. Flank steak is an inexpensive cut and can look quite impressive when stuffed and rolled - perhaps around a filling with festive colors? Three or four average sized flank steaks should feed 10 when cooked this way quite easily.

    1. My first thoughts are
      OR Julia Child's Beef with Onions and Beer

      1. Short ribs come to mind. You can often get them for a very good price. Otherwise, I think a pot roast can be easily dressed up depending on how you cook it and serve it.

        1. How about an eye of the round?

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            Specifically, Cook's Illustrated's slow-roast eye round. This makes a scrumptious and economical roast beef. If you can spend a bit more for a sirloin roast, you can also use the same technique. The only down side is that almost no juice is exuded so you can't use drippings for gravy. You'll need to buy or make broth and go from there. On the other hand, if you make a rich side like potatoes au gratin, you won't need gravy.

          2. Beef Stew
            Pot Roast

            1. I too think a nice pot roast would be good. Chuck is usually a good choice cost wise. Mushrooms left fairly large would look good, as would pearl onions that you can buy frozen. You could even do it a day ahead and then reheat for even better flavor. I vote for dark beer as the liquid but red wine could be good too.

              1. For several years my folks came to my house for Christmas, and each time my Dad requested Pot Roast. I have a great recipe for one we call "Yankee Pot Roast" if you 'd like me to post it, it's terrific. I've made it several times the past couple winters.

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                  ChefJune - If you read this I would love the Yankee Pot Roast recipe. SO's BD is coming up and he's requested it.

                2. Boneless rib roast is on sale at Shoprite this week, get it, stick some garlic cloves inside the meat and follow Joy of Cooking's "slow roasted" recipe.

                  1. Top Butt Sirloin Roast Slow Roasted.....the Poor Man's Roast Beef