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Dec 21, 2010 07:33 AM

your most disappointing kitchen-related purchase of 2010

(As the corollary to cannibal's thread ; - ) )

#1 - I referenced this in my "best purchase" response, but the dubious honor has got to go to the Aerogarden Herb n Serve Vinaigrette Mixer. Sure it whirls things around but the interior is impossible to get clean because you can't disassemble it, as you can do with a blender or food processor. The stock advice, which is to "just whirl soapy water in it", is a joke. You can't remove a film of oil that way. The plastic container holds odors too.

#2 - DeLonghi slow cooker. I bought this after much research and before getting a pressure cooker, thinking it'd be a better way to prepare beans and soups than having the (electric) stovetop running for hours, especially in summer. What a piece of trash this was. It couldn't even bring a liquid to a simmer point after operating for 6 hours (hottest it ever got was 129 degrees and that took over an hour to achieve), and the timer mechanism ran almost 20 minutes slow. It took DeLonghi six days to respond to a customer service inquiry and by that time I had packed up the thing and returned it to the store whence it came.

The only reason I put the Aerogarden thing as the Worst, was that I wasn't able to return it (because it "was used and operates properly"). At least I got my money back for the disappointing DeLonghi.

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  1. The red Kuhn Rikon Easy-Squeeze Garlic Press . Very little of the garlic comes through the holes an the hopper gets totally crudded up requiring constant cleaning or else it won't work on the second clove of garlic. The red color looks nice but otherwise it is useless; surprising because I bought it because it was the top-rated over there at

    1. for me it was a Kaiserflex long handled baking spoon. Used it once and it broke where the spoon meets the handle. It was a silicone covered metal spoon, but where the spoon broke I could see that the metal was disturbingly thin. I didn't pay much for it at least, and Kaiserflex was good about responding to an email I sent them and even offered to replace the item if I shipped it back to them, but shipping would be almost the cost of the item due to the the length of the handle. I am fortunate my most (and I think only) disappointing purchase of 2010 was an inexpensive one :)

      1. I bought a small plastic cutting board from Ikea that I don't like. It turns out it's not dishwasher safe because the heat will warp and melt it. Handwashing also makes it warp so it won't lay flat. I put it under a heavy butcher block to flatten it and that worked but I realized I don't have enough time to own this thing. It's a project to take care of it. We use it occasionally for bread. It only cost $1.99. I spent more time writing this than the thing is worth.

        1. I just had to laugh when you mentioned your DeLonghi timer problems. I have a space heater by that company in my bathroom and it runs fast between an hour and two hours a day! I have to constantly reset it.

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            Mine is, no contest, the Cuisinart Grind Central coffee grinder I got a week ago 2/3 off, final sale. At any price a piece of shit. Noisy as all get out, very heavy, hard to shove the power card into the back cavity and almost as hard to pull it out. The top plastic cover has some kind of weird static cling that makes the grounds stick to it so that coffee spills out as soon as you remove the lid. To make up for that the removable inner cup - is super hard to remove! No wonder this model is being discontinued. At least I didn't give it to Mr. Rat as a Christmas present.

          2. Hmmm... I was sorely disappointed in a couple vintage pan purchases on eBay that the sellers seriously misrepresented. At least I got my $ back.

            The winner has to be the set of 6 small salt mills I bought so I could have quick access to several different salts. They LOOKED and FELT stout, but any salt that is not already finely ground breaks the mechanisms within a few twists (some dumping ALL the contents into the pan).