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Dec 21, 2010 07:08 AM

Seaweed in cook books?

Anyone know of any cook books by high level chefs with some recipes using seaweed?
I'm not looking for a book dedicated to seaweed just hoping to find a few recipes by some of the top people.


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  1. Any chef who does kaiseki in Japan (e.g. Yoshihiro Murata). Heston Blumenthal's Big Fat Duck. There's also Dashi and Umami.

    1. Maybe something like this?

      The one thing to ask is are you looking to flavor your food or use it as a main ingredient? How accessible are the varieties of seaweed to you? I'd recommend starting there then narrowing recipes/cookbooks to fit your needs.

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      1. re: MonaNomura

        That looks like a great link. Thanks Mona. As far as how I'm going to use it I'm not sure. Right now I'm just doing some research and I was hoping hoping to find some ideas to steal from high rated chefs :).
        As far as variety, I saw this place mentioned on a t.v. show, it looks like they sell several types.
        Again I'm just starting to look into it, but seems like it might be a fun, and very healthy ingredient to make use of.

        Thanks also to wattacetti, this gives me an excuse to buy heston's book :)

        1. re: shaharidan

          Ah, that makes sense. Not sure where you live, but if there are Japanese restaurants near you (owned and operated by Japanese people), I'd recommend trying out some of these dishes:
          - hijiki
          - sunomono (it's a vinegar based appetizer, tangy and really healthy)
          - miso soup (there's seaweed in there!)

          ...are most easy to find. Seaweed has a unique texture that may take some getting used to. I use seaweed in various forms all the time when cooking Japanese food. I'll be happy to share recipes with you!

          Good luck.

      2. Though she has not published any cookbooks that I know of, she certainly knows Korean cooking and her website is:
        She has some great recipes and many involve seaweed. Just throwing this out to you for consideration!

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          1. re: Val

            yeah, maangchi is great. nuts, but great