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Dec 21, 2010 06:12 AM

Grumpy Doyle's Reading - Good Management

Sometimes you can tell a lot about a restaurant by how they respond to a situation that didn't meet your expectations. I had booked a party of 10 for Grumpy Doyle's for an early get together on a weeknight. The restaurant wasn't crowded and our table wasn't set up. They set one up in a remote corner which made us feel isolated. A couple of other issues came up that were disappointing. Everybody enjoyed the food but the whole evening was a lttle off.

Not one to suffer in silence, I sent an email to the manager the next day. I received a response the next day acknowledging the errors and truly apologizing for the evening. An offer of a gift certificate was made so that my party could enjoy the restaurant once more.

I appreciated that. Too often a restaurant will make you feel like you were at fault or your expectations were too high. It's a credit to this establishment that they stepped right up to rectify this situation and now I'm looking forward to returning.

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  1. They have fantastic fish and chips, I must say.

    I had outstanding service during my 2 visits but am glad to hear they are doing the right thing for you.