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Dec 21, 2010 03:24 AM

Caribbean Blue LeCreuset?

I think I would like a Caribbean Blue Lecreuset french oven. It appears to be a beautiful color on my computer. I cannot find the color in the stores to actually see the color.

So, if any of you have this color, does it look pretty much like it does on the computer or catalogs? I found the whole line on you tube. Loved it.
It appears to me to be sort of bluish green. Maybe the color of the old blue/green ball canning jars?

I hate to order one without seeing it in person.

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  1. I'm thinking HobbyBaker or Blondelle may have seen this one.. I may have seen it at the outlet.. but I'm not positive... so.. all in all.. other than bumping this up.. this is not a helpful response for you.. but I know the other two posters love LC as well and may have some information for you.

    1. it is a beautiful color .

      how can we know what your computer monitor displays, though? it is pretty true on my mac monitor, for what it is worth. i recall more of a turquoise top, with deeper blue-green toward bottom of pans. some pans on the youtube look darker than what i recall.

      also, i think the stoneware is never as brilliant as the enamel -- and tends to look muddier, in my opinion.

      you found the line on youtube? i guess so!

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      1. re: alkapal

        LOL, I guess you can't know what my monitor shows. Don't know what I was thinkn'. I am not really interested in the stoneware. Just the enameled french oven for now. My kitchen is very small with very little storage, so I don't have room for much of anything. Whatever I buy has to be useful and versitle. It is likely that if I splurge on a Le Creuset, it will be a centerpiece on my table. LOL
        Actually the only reason I am leaning toward a Le Creuset is because of the pretty colors. Otherwise I would go with a much cheaper enamel cast iron pot. Then if it didn't hold up, I would make a flower pot or dog dish out of it. I am thinking it would be a great dog dish. They couldn't chew it up or drag it off.:o)

        I don't know if I will make a very lengthy drive across town to find a Caribbean blue LC to look at and see if it will match my collection of old blue/green ball canning jars or just risk it and order one off the internet. Have mercy, I can hear my husband now. "What? You want a 250.00 (or more) pot to cook soup in?" Then I will say "yea, just think how good it will look in my newly remodeled little kitchen" My poor little ole' house is soooooo outdated. It still looks just like it did in the late '60's when it was built.:o( Dark paneling, dark cabinets, old cabinets that you can't find anything in. I so want to go with white or light everything, (like that Barefoot Contessa kitchen) with maybe just a bit of LeCreauset caribbean color and my old blue/green canning jars for color. I like color but tire of it real quick. So nothing permenant or hard to change in my house that is of a particular color. Mostly I just like the colors I see outside.(in TN that is) I don't much tire of the natural kind of colors.

        Anyway, I have some money saved up to buy something for the house, so I can buy a Le Crueset if I want. Just not sure if I want to put it all into one pot. I need a good stainless steel stock pot too. Mine is cheap and thin and stuff will burn on the bottom if I am not very careful.

        I am loving reading all the opinions on both enamel and naked cast iron

        1. re: alkapal

          Thanks for the wonderful link to You Tube.. I will be watching some of the other videos on the side there too.
          But I thought the Caribbean colour was being discontinued in cast iron enamel. Am I wrong?

          1. re: LidaK

            I am not sure if it is being discontinued, but the LC outlet stores have plenty of Caribbean blue. If you don't mind having a second, but that costs substantially less, I would recommend calling an LC outlet store and have them ship you a french oven. I usually receive beyond excellent customer service and they go through all of the french ovens to find a lid and pot combination that seals beautifully. Usually, the only thing wrong with the pieces that I buy there are that they may have a paint splotch on the bottom or something that is just cosmetic and not noticeable, at all. You can find the nearest store to you by going to

            I can tell you that the LC outlet in Woodburn, OR is my favorite. They always even give me xeroxed copies of their favorite recipes for me to try out. The latest is a wonderful bread made in the long pate terrine!

            Also, I found a tarte tatin pan here that I only paid $60 for (coupon). I was so excited, as they're harder to find now!

            1. re: CookingwithMochi

              I recently bought a second at an LC outlet - and I can't see why it was marked a second. It's a 6 qt oval oven, it's in the Caribbean blue and I love it!!!

              1. re: flourgirl

                I am sooooo jealous. There are no LC outlets anywhere around here than I can find listed. Not even in Pigion Forge, Gatlinburg area. I can't believe that would not have an LC outlet there. They have outlet stores for everything. Which sould still be a 3 hour trip for me. There was an LC store at our own Opry MIlls Mall, but since the Nashville flood back in May, the Mall (which was flooded with about 10 ft of water) has still not been repaired.
                But I did find a Signature LeCreuset store about 30 miles from me. I called and they said they did have the complete line of Caribbean color. So, New Years Eve (I am off work), I am planning a drive across Nashville to take a look. I saw on the internet where there is a 25% off sale going on at LC's stores. Hopefully that will include this one. And hopefully they will have a Caribbean Blue, 7.25 quart round french oven for me. Then maybe, I may just come back with myself a belated Christmas present. It would be nice to buy one that I actually can look at and feel before I purchase it. I am very hesitant to order something that expensive without seeing it and touching it.

                Wish me luck!:o)

                1. re: dixiegal

                  Good luck, dixiegal! I think that you'll have a good time and after you get your 7.25, you may be hooked and get other pieces. I don't even know how many pieces I have, at this point! :) It will be a happy new year, indeed!