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Since I learned this morning that cupcakes are over, who's got the best sfogliatella, those addictive , flaky, ricotta-filled Italian pastries?

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  1. We always enjoy Caputos pastries in Long Branch, NJ....


    1. Italian Peoples Bakery makes a pretty good one. (multiple locations) http://www.bakeryfresh.com/

      Italian Peoples Bakery
      63 Butler St, Trenton, NJ 08611

      1. If you are willing to travel to North Jersey, Bergen County specifically, you'll find excellent Italian pastries, including Sfolgliatella & Lobster Tails and real Butter Cookies....not the kind in the white boxes, which are frozen.

        D'Anna's Pastry Shop
        323 Passaic Street
        Garfield, NJ 07026-1319
        (973) 777-5138

        Sorrento Pastry Shop
        1 S Main Street # 1
        Lodi, NJ 07644-2235
        (973) 473-0669

        Rispoli Pastry Shop
        824 Broad Avenue
        Ridgefield, NJ 07657
        (201) 943-6002

        187 Main St.
        Ridgefield Park NJ, 07660

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          We love the Sfogliatelle at Rispoli. I think they use a somewhat sweeter filling than might be traditional, but I really don't know. I just know my family goes nuts for them. Get there at 6 am around the holidays.

        2. Del Ponte's in Bradley Beach is pretty good

          1. Sorrento Bakery on Eagle Rock Ave in East Hanover.

            1. del ponte,s in bradley beach is great. i live in bergen county and whenever i,m at the shore, i can't resist. only the sfioglatella.

              1. I hate to say it and others may disagree, but Carlo's in Hoboken (aka The Cake Boss) has great sfogliatelle. Now, if you can only get into the place. I think the wait these days at any given time is over an hour.

                1. Okay the number of Italian Bakeries in New Jersey is going to be a long list.

                  I can recommend http://www.randazzospastryshop.com/ in Raritan.

                  1. Believe it or not, I've even had a decent sfogliatella from Shop-Rite!

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                      With the exception of the rolls, Italian Breads, and some cookies.....possibly some muffins....just about every baked goods, especially the cakes, come prepackaged frozen. The items are pulled from the box and defrosted. These include Italian Cookies, danishes, cheesecakes, Birthday Sheetcakes, Carrot Cakes, shortcakes, pies and many more items too numerous to list.

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                        Yeah, I know. But I've still had a decent sfogliatella at Shop-Rite. Nothing wrong with freezing; I do it all the time at home. I was just throwing this out there as an option in case the OP could not get to any of the bakeries mentioned, but may have a Shop-Rite near them.

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                          I realized this when I used to purchase from here:


                          I couldn't believe the number of products available.

                          BTW...I had the Crumb Cheese Danish .....2/3.00 recently....not bad and would purchase again.

                    2. wow, thanks for all the replies... I've had caputo's and not been impressed, but we do love Del Ponte's... next time I'm in north Jersey (from Monmouth), we'll check out some of the locations some of you have mentioned....