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Dec 20, 2010 11:01 PM

looking for good food in Markham area

There are very few restaurants that I like in Markham

Red rose garden restaurant
5460 Highway 7, Markham - old school Canadian Chinese style food, food are not bad, just remeber to stay with the original, a Couple used up all their saving to buy this restaurant which was pretty much dead, they came to Canada not too long ago, and got trick into buying this restaurant, I feel so bad for them, because food are good there but the location is not, if this restaurant is outside of the GTA, they will do so much better, I am afraid they can't hand on to it for too long. I am trying to go there as often as I can, but I can only eat so much of this style.

Stouffville Fish & Chips & Seafood
5758 Main Street
very hard working couple, the wife is super nice, always there everyday

Bamiyan Kabob - best Afghan

Sushi Q(Markville Mall) - I know it's mall Sushi, but after you try it, you wouldn't be disappointed, family own, super fresh sushi, restaurant quality but mall sushi price, miso soup comes with sushi, super friendly staffs, they are either Japanese or Korean, I need to ask them next time

Please feel free to tell me where to go, I love to support family own business, they are suffering pretty bad right now


Bamiyan Kabob
62 Overlea Blvd, Toronto, ON M4H1C4, CA

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  1. What specifically are you looking for? Lots of good eats to be had in Markham especially Asian but there's variety too. Off the top of my head, I've been to a Greek restaurant called Ithaca recently and had a great experience overall. I enjoyed their gyro in particular because it was moist, crispy and all, which led me to wonder why the place was so empty when I went (two tables only!). Pictures: And perhaps that's why I enjoyed the service so much because I had the server's full attention. Truly felt like royalty.

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      I've neglected trying Ithaca due to the reviews on their restaurantica page :
      But I may have to give them a shot now after reading about your experience.

      ToxicJungle, I'd recommend Nonna's on 16th and 48 for good casual italian. They have some very tasty pizzas cooked in a wood burning oven.

      1. re: srobes

        Oh wow, that is VERY interesting and the very reason why I tend not to scour review sites before making my opinion of a place. I mean it's a coin toss - sometimes reviews are helpful, but other times there are trolls that would say things about a restaurant for the sake of saying something (good or bad). That and I'd like to keep an open mind. My point is, I'd ignore any first-time reviewers and would also keep in mind how easy it is to post a review on certain websites. And of course, what people are saying and why or whether or not it's relevant. If anything, I'd try for myself first, then make constructive points. With regards to Ithaca, I don't know the place well enough to say if those dated reviews (good or bad) are reliable, so if anyone goes, let us know your exact thoughts and what you ate! =)

        That said, what specifically did you ‘hear’ ToxicJungle? I’m very curious!

        1. re: thefoodpursuit

          You are so right, I should go and give Ithaca a try. Some of my co-workers said the food is not that good, but I don't know whether they are comparing with the restaurants on the Danforth

      2. re: thefoodpursuit

        thefoodpursuit - I work at Markham and 16th area and have an hour lunch, nothing specific and I am not picky, as long as it is good
        I heard a lot of horror storys about Ithaca, not sure if I am going to go there
        srobes - I have been to Nonna's one time at lunch and waited over an hour for my pizza, they have a small wood burning oven that fit one pizza and that day I went was full house and with few take out orders
        Thank you for both of your suggestion