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Dec 20, 2010 09:41 PM

Little Rock or Hot Springs recommendations

We live far too close to the Mason Dixon line for good southern food. But we're visiting relatives in LR and HS. Any recommendations for real Tex-Mex, southern, and BBQ? Thanks in advance!

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  1. McClard's is # 1 BBQ in HS. Stubby's is good too. Rolando's is a good Tex Mex place in HS. Capitol Smokehouse and Grill in LR is your place for good southern comfort food. Homer's is a good meat and three dive near the airport in LR. Burge's has good BBQ, burgers and po boys. Whole Hog has good BBQ in LR. Juanita's is a good Mexican place in LR.

    McClard's BBQ @ 505 Albert Pike Rd., Hot Springs, AR. 501 - 623 - 9665.
    Stubby's BBQ @ 3024 Central Ave., Hot Springs, AR. 501 - 625 - 1552.
    Rolando's Nuevo Latino Restaurante @ 210 Central Avenue, Hot Springs, AR 501 - 318 - 6054.
    Capitol Smokehouse and Grill @ 915 West Capitol Avenue, Little Rock, AR 501 - 372 - 4227.
    Homer's Restaurant @ 2001 E Roosevelt Road, Little Rock, AR 501 - 374 - 1400.
    Burge's Hickory Smoked Turkeys @ 5620 R Street, Little Rock, AR 501 - 666 - 1660.
    Whole Hog Cafe @ 2516 Cantrell Rd., Little Rock, AR. 501 - 664 - 5025.
    Juanita's Cafe and Bar @ 1300 Main Street, Little Rock, AR 501 - 372 - 1228.

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      Sweet! Thank you so much. We made it to Stubbys -- it's great. Next time we'll get to Rolando's and hopefully Homer's as well. Gotta love meat and 3!

      Can't wait til the next trip -- March.

    2. I grew up in Texas, and if what you think of Tex-Mex is what i think of you are out of luck (although i did have good meal at Rolando's in Hot Springs), but i dont think anyone in Arkansas claims that this is the place for Tex-Mex (and dont be fooled by cheap "authentic mexican places", the white cheese dip is good, but mostly these places are for cheap food and cheap margaritas.). But for the BBQ and home cooking in Little Rock here are some options (no particular order):
      1. WHole Hog BBQ - several locations, but the best is the original @ 2516 Cantrell Road
      Little Rock, AR 72202 - great meats, great potato salad
      2. Homers
      3. Ozark Mountain Smokehouse - 201 Keightly drive Little Rock, AR 72207 - good pancakes and really good meats
      4. Cothams - 1401 West 3rd Street, Little Rock, AR (they also have a location in Scott, AR), known most for the hubcap burger.

      If you happen to have a desire for upscale takes on southern, go to the Capitol Hotel in downtown LR, both Ashleys (the upscale dinner portion) and the Capitol Bar and Grill have some of the best food in town, and both do some great takes on certain southern classics.

      , Scott, AR 72142

      Ozark Mountain Smokehouse
      1012 Highway 65 N, Harrison, AR 72601

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        Wow, a treasure trove of places to try. Thank you very much! I'll be having an eating bonanza next time we're there.