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Dec 20, 2010 09:39 PM

R.I.P. Bite Bar Restaurant.

Received this e-mail tonight:

.."Bite Bar & Bakery will be closed as of Monday, December 20th for the winter holidays. However, when we return in the New Year we will be introducing a new format for the space.

In short, our days as a restaurant have come to a pause and we will be refocusing on special events, event planning, private events, classes and custom catering."

I think that Elizabeth Goel is a very talented chef. For some reason, the restaurant never managed to forge a true identity and the concept changed frequently.
I wish Elizabeth much success. I think she will do very well with her revised concept,
Still, sad to see.

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  1. They made good croissants. I'd go in there around 8-8:30 and get a croissant. The place didn't feel right. It was dark and gloomy. It didn't seem like a place I'd want to chill and hang out. It didn't seem like a place I'd want to have a nice meal. I wasn't sure what the deal was. It was a good place to get a croissant to eat on the way to work though. Back to Le Pain du Jour after my little fling.

    1. After reading Chef Elizabeth's email and fb post I was kinda numb and didn't know what to say. We had a lovely 'small plates' feast just last Saturday night and everything was just about perfect. Food and service were top notch. I had no clue that change was afoot.
      My family has grown to love her baked goods, I considered her tied with only one other bakery for best bakery in Southern Cal and amongst the top five in the Western US! One of my lads says that her croissants are his favorite, he still hasn't recovered from the loss of the biscuits at The Pines Cafe and now this! I had many good lunches followed by wonderful sweets and was able to chill during and after lunch with a friend for nearly three hours once. The dinners were great and it all will be missed!

      Bite Bar & Bakery
      3221 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90405

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      1. re: sel

        the one dinner small plates i had were really good, to the person that said it is really gloomy, yeah, maybe sorta

        and yes, these were the best chocolate croissants i heave ever had, amazing stuff, sad to sea it go. it did have a very unique personality that i can't quite put my finger on. i never did get to try the crab salad sandwich with paprika nor the turkey chili. :(

        1. re: kevin

          I've never seen you so sentimental.

          1. re: Funwithfood

            I'm sorry. From now on sentimentality will remain a thing of the past.

      2. I was saddened by the email too. The constant menu & format changes did not help... I think it confused people. Initially it was counter service, then full service, back to counter service. I didn't think it was ever a full-service kind of place - more of a grab a pastry or sandwich and coffee and hang out kind of place - like Euro Pane - or maybe that's what I selfishly envisioned for them because I wanted a Westside counterpart to Euro Pane. I think it turned many away when it became full service. I thought they had a lot going for them, especially those fantastic croissants (I will never find another like it!) and some of the lunch fare was fantastic. I found the space inviting, esp during the day when the sun was streaming in. But dinner was spotty and I also thought it was odd that they were open for dinner only 2 days a week. I think they would have done well as a happy hour hangout with their small plates. I'm really sad that I lost my favorite croissant fix. I wish them well with their new concept and maybe they can distribute those croissants through retail outlets city-wide!

        1. This is an absolute bummer. Weekend brunches there were always so nice and comfortable. The sunlight coming through giving the room an airy feel, lovely food and friendly service, it was such a great way to kick off a weekend day.

          Will also miss the dinners there, quiet and cozy a great way to end the week catching up with the wife while noshing on the various small plates. I'm going to miss that chocolate croissant bread pudding.

          I hope her pastries will be available in other retail outlets and not restricted exclusively to private catering events.

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          1. re: Jase

            I am so sad! I was JUST taken there for dinner a few weeks ago, fell in love and put it on my list of "places to go back to - SOON!". And had already rec'd it to more folks.

            I wish the chef very well, but I am selfishly sorry for my loss : /

          2. So sad not to have this place to pick up mini-pies to bring to dinner parties, cookies for the office, and morning croissants.

            However, I did order my Christmas pies from them last week, for pick up on Friday, so at least this service is still available!!!

            I agree that the menu changes probably contributed to its demise. It worked best as a counter service sandwich and pastry shop, in my opinion.