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Dec 20, 2010 08:15 PM

High quality ramen - is there such thing?

I don't mean the restaurant kind, I mean the cheap bricks in the plastic pouches.

I tend to buy things on impulse in ethnic markets with labels I can't read at all, and over the years I've gotten some pretty good ramen but I have no idea what the brand was or what the flavors were (shrimp? Something seafoody, in any case)

Asian chowhounds, are there any good ones out there? Care to describe the label or what to look for? Any particular country put out better stuff?

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  1. I tend to buy Myojo Chukazanmai or Nong Shim brand ramen. Myojo is Japanese and tastes closer to fresh than the Nissin and Maruchan varieties that are so prevalent.

    Nong Shim is Korean. Any of their Kimchi flavored ramen packets/bowls are great.

    1. I'm with you, and I always say I'm gonna start a ramen log. I just buy random. They've been mostly pretty decent. Especially the big bowls that say "hot & spicy flavor." Great idea for a thread!

      1. get the ones in the large bowls that have fresh, vacuum packed noodles, not dried. (They weigh much more and if you shake them you can tell which are dried and which are fresh.) These types also tend to have 2 packs of different sauces you mix, and 1 of dried veggies.

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