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Dec 20, 2010 08:05 PM

Any new recommendations for Israel?

I'll be there for a brief trip soon; anything new or particularly interesting where anyone has eaten lately?

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  1. DH went to Liliot in Tel Aviv last night with someone from TAU and some foreign VIPs. He said the place was amazing, but more importantly (since DH does not eat in non-kosher) the visitors were impressed.

    e-Luna has a coupon. Bring plenty of money or go (like DH) when someone else is paying.

    1. I just ate at Beni Fish in Jerusalem for the first time with my husband, and we really liked how authentic it was. (I think this has been around for a while though, so you probably already know about it.)

      There's also a new pasta place called "the spaghettis' on top of Mamila Mall that people have been raving about. Haven't been myself.

      And then theres our favorite, Pera e Mela in safra square. Best kosher authentic italian food. Feels like you're in Italy, small, warm, and delicious.

      I would definitely check E-Luna for the most up-to-date stuff.

      1. Hi. I've eaten in a few really good places in Jerusalem in the last little while (I live here). Lara on R' Shimon ben Shetach is a great new(ish) meat place. The food is very good and the atmosphere is lovely.

        Topolino near the the Machaneh Yehuda Shuq is our favorite dairy place. It's small and often crowded, but very good Italian fare.
        Also if you are near the shuq- check out Mousseline-(17 HaEgoz- inside the shuq). It's pretty much the best ice cream I've had ever. (Seriously. Their Saffron ice cream will change your life)

        My favorite little neighborhood cafe is Carosela- on the corner of Binyamin Medtudelah and Aza St. It doesn't have an extensive menu and the service is pretty slow, but the food is better and more inventive than your typical Israeli cafe food. It's a nice place to just sit and loiter for awhile

        1. It's not cheap, but 1868 is always worth a look. Their winter menu isn't as nice as summer, but always ask about a special.