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Dec 20, 2010 06:08 PM

Vegan or dairy free birthday cake

I've seen this thread here before, but it's at least a year old so I thought I'd revive this topic. I need a vegan or dairy free (he'll eat eggs in prepared food, but is lactose intolerant) cake for my husband next week and he doesn't trust my ability to make one. We're hoping to find a new place that makes flavorful, delicious cake: we've tried Fiore's and Whole Foods and were not impressed. We liked Hippie Chick Bakery, but it's too far away. Worse comes to worse, I'll order something to be delivered from Cafe Indigo in NH as we know and like their cake, but I was hoping to find something local. I know there are some cupcake places that have vegan cupcakes, but I prefer cake.

Haven't tried Blacker's Bakeshop - what are their cakes like? And will Flour make a vegan cake if asked?

Any other ideas? TIA!

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  1. Good luck with finding a good vegan cake. Although you said you couldn't bake please try Chef Cloe's recipes. I made cupcakes for my husband and even the kids were in love with them.

    1. Wish I could help as we have several vegans in the family but we do our own baking and always get rave reviews for our cakes, even from non vegans. If you can urge your husband to trust you, try some recipes for a simple chocolate cake with vinegar, sometimes known as a wacky cake. There are lots of good recipes for simple frosting on line. Most include Earth Balance and powdered sugar as a base. You could also call Flour and other local bakeries who would probably be more than willing to make it for you!

      1. I had a great birthday cake from Blacker's this past summer. My husband ordered it in advance, I don't think they have them in the shop generally. It was just a regular frosted cake, but really delicious and no one could believe it was dairy-free.

        Party Favors in Brookline will do dairy-free and I think egg-free as well.

        Party Favors
        1356 Beacon St, Brookline, MA

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          This is actually "MR. Gimlis1mum" posting. We just got a dairy-free birthday cake from Party Favors for my wife's (Gimlis1mum's) birthday (our son is milk-intolerant). We were very happy with the cake, which was chocolate cake, two layers, with a buttercream-esque frosting (they said it was a margarine frosting). The cake was a devilsfood with a slightly drier texture (my wife thought the cake was maybe a bit too dry, whereas I thought the cake was very nice). The frosting was better than many "real" buttercreams that I've had in my day. Plus, kudos to them for taking order with relatively short notice (I ordered it Monday the19th for pickup today). Thanks for tip, jellin!

        2. If he is lactose intolerant, and he can eat anything that is kosher parve.... I think many stop and shop bakeries are parve!! Blackers is nut free and parve.. Andrews catering in brookline can also do parve.. any kosher caterer for that matter, can make a parve cake.

          1. So I ended up going to Bella Moto Bakery in Arlington, based on the response to a previous post. I got a vegan carrot cake, and my verdict is just ... meh. It was okay, not great, and waaaaay overpriced (can't remember if it was $35 or $40) for a six inch cake. My husband thought it tasted more like carrot bread than cake, and the frosting was unmemorable. I also got a red velvet cupcake, which was pleasantly moist yet lacking in flavor.

            Next time, will try Blacker's, Cafe Indigo, or just making one myself! Thanks to everyone for your responses. Hopefully more Boston-area bakeries will offer vegan options in the future.

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              There are some great cake recipes on line, not to mention in vegan cook books. I always make my own now, and have had great success. Good luck! Vegan baking can be fun.