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Dec 20, 2010 05:48 PM

Fried chicken wings Undercooked-- Was Electric Fryer the culprit?

Hi, guys.

Just got back from frying wings, and I couldnt help but notice that while the outside was fried to PERFECTION-- the inside still had a bit of red to it, the bones were VERY hard to pull apart, as well as a lot of the meat being tough to pull off the bone.

Obviously from the signs-- the meat was undercooked.
I believe it was the electric fryer..

Here's a rundown of what I did-- I took the wings out at 12:30, in which it was already in the fridge, thawed and took each individual wing out of the bag and set them out to come up to room temp.

at 3:00 I put my spices on the wings.
3:30-- I used the "flour- then dipped in egg wash-and then flour again" routine.

Used the hamilton beach electric fryer and set it on 375 degrees-- basically the highest setting it would go.

dropped in only the amount that could fit in as one SINGLE layer on the frying tray-- i.e. 4 wings per batch.

Fried each about 5-7 minutes.

Where did I go wrong?
I believe it was the error of the electric fryer. Has anyone else had bad experiences with an electric fryer?

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  1. Which HB electric fryer do you have?
    Depending on the size and the amount of oil it holds, it's possible it can't maintain the 375 degree temperature.

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      1. re: achilles007

        Seems like there's plenty of oil and the unit is maintaining the temperature. You may have to turn down the temperature and cook longer.

    1. Chicken wings also take much longer than 5-7 minutes, no matter how hot the oil. I start mine in a dutch oven heated to 375. Adding the wings drops the oil temp to around 300 right away, then I fry them for 13-14 minutes (at which point the oil is usually back up to around 330-340). I fry mine naked, and they always come out with crisp skin and nicely cooked meat. You need to double your cooking time at least.

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      1. re: biondanonima

        You're right.
        A restaurant I worked at fried chicken wings were on the menu and they took almost 15 minutes in a commercial deep fryer.

      2. I have a Fry Daddy...I normally put it on high....I fry about 5 wings at a time 5 mins. and after frying all the wings I put in bowl with "my" sauce on and then bake for 10 mins. in 350* oven. I know it is using double the energy but I like how the skin is crispy and the insides are perfect. And FYI...I prefer the wing part over the drumette.

        My sauce....RedHot Hot sauce, mustard and honey....sometimes i change it up but most times it those 3 items.

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        1. re: sd4life

          I love the sound of that sauce! What a great combo..

          1. re: andieb

            Go easy on the mustard at tends to take over.

        2. You don't say whether you're deep frying or shallow frying (deep frying meaning the entire piece of chicken is toally emersed in hot oil) If you're deep frying in an electric fry pan the shock of five wings at one time probably brought the temperature down to around 325 degrees and it takes several minutes for that kind of fryer to recover. Unless you're actually deep frying, reduce the heat, increase the cooking time. 5 - 7 minutes isn't long enough. If you are deep frying, try reducing the number of pieces cooked in each load to 2 - 3 and, even then, figure on cooking it longer.

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          1. re: todao

            Yes-- I am deep frying using the hamilton beach fryer i linked up to above.

            thanks for the tip!

          2. Now... does the type of batter the chicken is in, dictate the amount of time it would need to be suspended in the hot oil to be sure the inside cooks thoroughly through?

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            1. re: achilles007

              The batter shouldn't make much of a difference - I might add a couple of minutes to account for it if it's thick, since it will insulate the chicken somewhat, but not much more than that. The issue you need to be aware of with batter/coating is that you might have to adjust the oil temperature downward to make sure that it doesn't burn before the chicken is done. However, if your oil is cooler, you'll need to cook longer. So, if naked wings are started at 375 and done in 14 mins, you might try starting your coated ones at 350 and cooking them for 17-19 mins, something like that.

              1. re: achilles007

                Its not the fryer or the batter, its the amount of time. You just took them out too soon.