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Dec 20, 2010 05:01 PM

attempting oven roasted pulled pork

All the recipes I've found call for shoulder/butt that's around 6-7lbs.

Should I adjust my cooking time for a 2lb shoulder or follow the standard 6ish hours?

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  1. I cook 4-6 pound boneless butt at 225-250 degrees for at least eight hours (any size) and then start using a thermometer. For bone-in, disregard the thermometer and look for the bone to pull right out.

    1. You won't need as much time - two to three hours, depending on how thick the shoulder is, and whether or not you sear it first. You can cut it in half to decrease the oven time even more. Start checking at 90 minutes.

      1. I make this all the time. 250 degrees, anything longer than 3 hours just makes it more tender. It never drys out. Dont worry about the cooking time. At that low temp you cant cook too long.

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          I'm reluctant to disagree with the princeofpork. But.... I go for an internal temp of 190. I think it CAN be cooked too long. There's falling apart tender and then there's loss of flavor. IMO, of course.

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            excellent....thanks for the quick tips.

          2. Go here:

            And order a set of "Bear Paws" for pulling the pork.

            Also good for lifting large roasts.

            A real nifty tool!!

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              Agreeed on the gloves. I used standard dish washing gloves and they did not work.