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Where to buy prime rib?

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Can anyone recommend a good (not too expensive) butcher for prime rib?


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  1. Fairmont on St. Laurent - speak to Joe and he'll fix you up. He might not have it in stock, but can order one.

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      Thanks, porker! ;)

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        I'm not sure what he's charging these days, but realize its a hefty chunk o meat. Even at a measly $5/lb that puppy will run over $100. I'm guessing $125-$150, but a fair price. IMO, probably better than what you'd pay at Atwater or Jean Talon.

    2. Costco has some if i recall correctly, not sure if bone in or not

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        It's bone-in.

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          I have seen boneless too at Costco. At least at the west island one.

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            They carry both.

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          At the CostCo West Island I knocked on the window behind the meat cases and the butcher was more than happy to cut & trim a 5 lb roast beef; paid about $40.00. Not as tender as roasts from Westmount Butcher but also not $20-25/lb.

        3. I had an excellent prime rib roast from the Westmount Butcher on Sherbrooke just east of Decarie.

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            That is Boucherie Westmount, Tony has great "1855" Prime Rib that is the BEST in Montreal. 514-481-1811

          2. This is easy!!! this week (between Xmas and NewYrs) LOBLAW's has their prime rib roasts on special at either $2.99 or $3.99/lb (I forget) they had an entire rib roast for about $80 you could easily feed about 30 people with that, otherwise they have smaller roasts from about 3lbs to 5 lbs or ask the butcher to prepare you one. We had one on Xmas eve and it was absolutely amazing (also cooked it perfectly which helps) I'm not a huge prime rib fan, so this might mean something.

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              Zinman, one block over from JTM on St Dominique. It won't be cheap but it is of quality and the butchers offer great service. It's not organic but it's very good Alberta beef.