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Dec 20, 2010 03:36 PM

Auberge du Pommier: portion sizes for wedding meal?

We are seriously considering Auberge du Pommier for a 60 person wedding for summer 2011. We have yet to see it in person and we have never eaten there. We are going so far on reviews and photos we've seen. We are wondering what the portions are like for wedding set menus.We are planning on having a lunch time wedding so we probably don't have to serve as much as we would at dinner time but we also want to make sure people are well fed.

For anyone who has held or attended a wedding there, how did you find the portion sizes in the set menus?


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  1. i have not attended a wedding at AP. however, i have eaten there on many occasions and have never left feeling hungry.

    FWIW, i got married at jump ... we had a lunch time wedding as well. we put our menu together based on the dinner selections in the regular menu and our guests told us later that there was WAY too much food. we also went heavy on the appetizers. (i'd much rather have more food than too little).

    the event planning dept @ OB are super accommodating ... we loved working with them. you don't need to make your menu selections from the special event menu ... you can select elements from the regular lunch or dinner menus as well. if you're worried about portion sizes then i'd go with dinner menu selections.

    AP is an awesome venue ... you should definitely check it out. all of my meals there have been super memorable. we would have gone with AP but the layout didn't suit our event as well as jump.

    good luck.