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ISO Old Bay seasoning

makin' crabcakes at Xmas and apparently need Old Bay seasoning according to my Baltimorian BIL's recipe... I'm in plateau area (no car) and don't really want to search far for it and I know I can make it myself but there's a bunch of things it that I don't really use...
any help would be appreciated

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  1. Gidney's on Marcel Laurin and Henri Bourassa, in St. Laurent

    1. Douceurs du Marche at the Atwater Market sells it

      1. Most fishmongers have it. La Mer has it for sure.

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        1. Falero or any fish shop - also 5 Saisons.

          1. I always load up when in the US and never really bought it here, but I do see it. I second the Douceurs du Marche at the Atwater Market (but only small tins, I think). Theres the New Waldman fish market on St. Laurent across from the Spanish Library you might wanna try (your neck of the woods?)

            1. Pecheur du Marche on Sources Blvd in West Island carries it

              1. Thanks all. I'll start with local fishmongers then head to La Mer if I can't find.
                BTW... is it any good?

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                      It's not bad as far seasoned salts go. I'm not really a big fan of this type of product. I only bought it because people make such a big deal about it. I've tried it on fish, popcorn, in mayo based salads and some other random stuff and I've been pretty satisfied.