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Dec 20, 2010 12:52 PM

Where is the chowish food in Zihua?

We will be visiting for the first time in a few weeks, and I have done some searching on Chowhound and found nothing recent about Zihua, so I was hoping to get some good recommendations. We are looking for good quality food- atmosphere is not as important. I am just as happy (if not more happy!) at a local dive eating tacos al pastor as I am eating at the finest restaurant. Based on my research, the list so far is:

Lety's for coconut shrimp
Anywhere on Pozole Alley on Thursday night pozole
Los Braseros
Don Memo's
Tango (I assumed this place was argentinian, but not so sure since a few people mentioned margaritas here?)
The Tides (for our "fancy" night out)
Paty's Mar y Mar on the beach
Otilia's on Las Gatas Beach

Is La Casa Que Canta overrated? If the best thing about it is the view, then I don't need to go. What are your opinions? Locals and frequent Zihua visitors- please give feedback on the list! Am I missing anything good?

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  1. Our two best meals were at Atoles y Tamales Any, in Centro. I had an excellent mole de olla.
    The other, excellent place was Doña Licha's, on Calle Cocos, east of the mercado. Inexpensive and authentic. Thursday is pozole day. The specialty is pozle verde.

    1. La Casa que Canta is very good, I would definitely go there (and the view is fantastic yes!).

      1. Lety's for sure.

        Los Braseros is great for tacos al pastor. Order "La Ballena" (the whale) great and cheap.

        Paty's and Otilias have good food, but I would say go to these for atmosphere more so than a dining experience.. relax and have a few good drinks and appetizers. IMO. The octopus at Paty's is better than most.

        Bandidos: Get the Molcajete. Always my favorite meal in Z.

        Il Mare on the hill above La Ropa. Great view at night, great food and fair prices.

        Dona Licha for breakfast in town.

        Sirena Gorda near the pier is one of the oldest in Z. It is a bit pricey, but I usually go for a few fish tacos which are excellent.

        And, if you happen to wander over to Ixtapa, Cafe Nueve Zelanda is a must for breakfast. There used to be one in Z, but it closed. The one in Ixtapa is still there. I love the Molletes, and wifes favorite breakfast spot.

        Those are my "don't miss" stops.

        1. OP, thank you for starting this post. We are also heading down to Zihua soon and are in search of some good food.

          Anyplace for the "best" ceviche, huachinango or camarones anything?

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            If you like ceviche, try the tiritas at Otilias on Las Gatas. Thin slices of fish, red onion and serrano peppers, marinated in lime juice. Very good.

          2. We haven't been there in a few years, but Amuleto has very nice high-end food. It is a small boutique hotel with very few extra tables so reserve ahead. Go around 5 and have a drink at the bar while catching the spectacular view at sunset.


            There was a couple that we saw on a daily basis on La Ropa beach near La Casa Que Canta harvesting fresh oysters out in the bay. We got a dozen fresh shucked oysters for 10 bucks (mind you this was a few years ago)