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Dec 20, 2010 12:23 PM

what should i bake with "european style" flour from king arthur??

i accidentally ordered 2 bags of european style flour and beyond baguettes, am stumped as to what i should make with it.

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  1. bread?!

    if you have some kind of rye flour too u can make fruit & nut bread. Its perfect with cheese or a bread called limpa.

    if you want to make something with only european or baguette flours why not make baguettes or ciabata or sourdough bread or just plain white bread?

    1. "European Style" flour is a broad category that includes type 55 AP and bread flours, type 65 high gluten, type 80 ww, type 110 ww, type 150 dark ww, all of the numbers representing the amount of ash in the mix. There are other classifications of course but we can't list the all here. If you're using the type 55 AP/Bread flour you might as well focus on trying various styles of bread or other baked goods (biscuits, rolls, etc.) that make use of flour gluten above the level of cake flour. There's lots more to the bread world the baguettes.

      1. Babka
        Sticky Buns
        No-Knead Bread
        i'd prolly blend it with other flour to use in cookies and brownies as well...