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Lunch in Brunswick, Maine: what's new, what's best?

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Headed to B'wick with friends on Wednesday for wandering about, Bowdoin museum, etc. Where should we go for better-than-your-average lunch, given that two possibles (El Camino and Capn Dan Stone) aren't open for lunch? We can happy with pub, any sort of ethnic, etc., so the fallback is probably Sea Dog over the bridge.

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  1. How about Frontier Cafe in FT. Andross right before you go over the bridge to Sea Dog? Wonderful soups and amazing sandwiches and salads served on wooden planks. All this and a look out over the river. Great coffee, beer and wine. It's casual - long tables and benches and some easy chairs. Always high quality.

    1. Would NEVER rate Sea Dog as "better than average." Bleh.

      Frontier is nice, has a view of the water; I think it's kind of overpriced for what it is. The newish sushi place, Little Tokyo, is reasonably nice. I don't know if Athena is open for lunch, but if it is I'd definitely try it.

      Given the options in town, I'd probably send you to Lilee's, which has good burgers and a great beer selection.

      1. Trattoria Athena is a good choice, a bit out of the way so it doesn't get the crowds (good, 'cause it's tiny). Greek-Italian. If you want ultra casual, try the newish pizza place at 112 Maine; creative, well-executive 'za by the slice or pie. And of course, there's always Wild Oats in the Tontine Mall, order-at-the-counter, no booze, but always good.

        1. Should we start a petition to get El Camino to serve lunch? I'd be there often.

          The new pizza place that Mainegal mentioned is called Flipside (111 Maine).

          Agree w/ Lilee, Frontier; nix Seadog.

          Farther afield: Broad Arrow Tavern, Freeport; Mae's Cafe, Bath.

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            Flipside has really good pizza but is not the place I'd choose for a lunch-with-friends -- it is a tiny space with counters and just four high tables with stools, none of which are sheltered from the cold wind that blows every time someone opens the door.

            111 Maine St, Brunswick, ME 04011

          2. Don't care for Sea Dog, either. Loud, service is poor and the food is worse. Filthy restrooms in desperate need of renovation.

            1. Thanks for all the suggestions. Anybody had the food (as compared with the beer) at The Lion's Pride?

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                Food at Lion's Pride is OK if you stick with simple stuff. The lamb burger is very good. They do Belgian style frites, but the last time I was there they were quite disappointing, cold & limp, though the housemade ketchup is really good. More than once I have tried the mussels there in the hope they would match with the nice beer, but I have given up -- for some reason that kitchen can't make them taste good.

                But hey, they have Pannepot on tap.

              2. I went to Little Tokyo about a year ago and enjoyed my meal. I big piping hot bowl of udon noodle soup may fit the bill this time of year. Their sushi was good quality as well.