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Dec 20, 2010 11:16 AM

Anything good to eat in/near Washington, NC?

I searched this board and the only positive reference to Washington, NC was Bill's hot dogs. (Deep fried hot dogs? Well, I'll give them a shot!) Any other recommendations in or near Washington, of any kind at all? I'll be there for a week and a half with the family.

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  1. There are some pretty good places in downtown Washington, near the waterfront, but nothing that's ever really captured my imagination or anything. Pia's comes to mind; I can't remember the names of any others. If you check Google, you'll find plenty of reviews of the downtown places.

    Bill's is really good, and unique on account of the chili. I like King Chicken for fried chicken as well, but make sure to hit them when they're busy.

    Also, the Skylight Inn in Ayden is within striking distance, and is considered to be some of the best barbecue in North Carolina and the country.

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      Mhmm King Chicken is delicious I must admit. Well :)

    2. Pia's is a nice restaurant - many things to choose from. Down on Main is a casual place across the street from Pia's - they have good shrimp burgers and different shrimp dishes. Casual menu. Blackbeards has a good oyster bar where you can get steamed oysters, clams, shrimp. There is a restaurant in Chocowinity (4 miles from Washington) that I've never been to but my sister has many times - Villagio Cafe. An Italian restaurant - she loves the place. Get's good reviews.

      Villagio Cafe
      28 Nc Highway 33 W, Chocowinity, NC 27817

      1. I agree, Down on Main is good.

        Also try Boss Hog's Backyard BBQ. The bbq chicken is excellent! As well as good down home style sides.

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          The Greenville branch of Boss Hogg's was a fairly regular quick weeknight take out place for me when it was still open. One of my biggest problems with it was the sides. Some of them were really good- boiled red potatoes, mac and cheese in particular- but some, like the okra, just weren't good to me at all. And they were terrible about having the best sides- they either ran out, or didn't offer every side dish on every day. And that sweet red sauce they have is terrible.

          If I had to get barbecue in Washington, I'd go with Hog Heaven, but that's more from an everyday perspective. An out of towner would be well advised to just go to Ayden.

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            You're right about Hog Heaven. Good country cooking. I have a friend who gets take out from them regularly.

            And I forgot to mention that the fried dill pickles at Down on Main are excellent - I'm a sucker for good fried dill pickles! And I love to get their fried shrimp plate - wonderful shrimp and lots of them - and they will let you sub a side salad for the slaw if you want.