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Dec 20, 2010 11:04 AM

Tried Nigella Lawson's Chocolate Guinness Cake?

Has anyone tried Nigella Lawson's Chocolate Guinness Cake in *Feast* (p. 286)? If so, what did you think? I just made it, in the form of mini cupcakes, and can't decide if I like it or not. I've loved other cakes of hers.

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  1. It is the most requested cake by all the men in my life and I love it too - but then I've never made it as cupcakes.

    1. I made it one year for my husband's birthday. I think he's still waiting for me to make for him again!

      1. I made for a beer-based dinner for a friend, and it was a huge hit. Mine came out looking exactly like Nigella's and I am no frosting artist. But my new favorite from Feast is the chocolate gingerbread (made without the chocolate chips and with 1/4 teaspoon allspice in addition to the other spices.

        1. Thank you. I needed to clear my head or tastebuds. I think I may just have od'ed on it while making it. I just retasted and it was dark and complex (in a good way.) Cupcakes may be the wrong cake to frosting ratio for it, though - and I'd like to try it without adding the cream to the frosting - slightly tangy-er.

          1. I haven't tried hers, but I make the Barrington Brewery (MA) version every year for my husband for his birthday. I've done it as the full cake, (all three layers) half the cake (just two layers) and cupcakes. I think the big difference in the two is the Barrington frosting is just chocolate ganache, which added to the bitterness of the cake, too me is just right. The cream cheese frosting almost seems too sweet for me.

            Either way, I love the addition of the guinness to the chocolate - really intensifying the dark chocolate taste. One of my favorites.