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Christmas Dinner Restaurant Suggestion

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My family is in town for Christmas, and we'll be going out for dinner. My husband is vegetarian, so where ever we go, it needs to accomodate vegetarians. We're looking for a casual setting, and I was orginally thinking of Cantina Laredo, but they are closed on Christmas day. There will also be a newborn baby with us, so the restaurant needs to be baby friendly (ie, not too crowded, and smoke-free).

I thought Tex-Mex would be good, cause they usually have good veg options as well as options for the carnivores.

We're in the Coppell/Las Colinas area, so something close by is preferred but not mandatory. Pricing would ideally be $25 per person. Any ideas? Thanks!

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  1. When I lived in the North East I had a lot of Jewish friends and they all went to Chinese restaurants on Christmas day, since they were usually the only ones open. I don't have any specific suggestions in mind, but it seems like a good option to investigate.