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Dec 20, 2010 10:23 AM

On's Thai Kitchen

Ahhh.... drama.

On's Thai kitchen is owned and operated by the sister of the woman who owns Bangkok Thai Deli. But wait, there's more. On used to be the head cook at BTD until about five months ago when she quit and went back to Thailand for a few months.

She bought the fixtures and equipment from Cafe Bonxai's owners on Dec. 1, and promptly opened her restaurant in that space on Dec. 2.

Those of you familiar with the food at Bangkok Thai Deli will immediately recognize the flavors and dishes at On's. They were her recipes at BTD for the most part. That's from where the drama comes... not terribly unlike the recent Pham Phamily Phlap over who own(s) the recipes at their place in St Louis Park. Threats of lawsuits are already in the air.

But, on a happy note, don 't be dissuaded from going to give On a try. Her cooking skills are first rate and she really does care about the food she puts on your plate.

Today we had Tom Yum Gung Nam Kon (it's Tom Yum with milk added to the broth), Panang beef, Khao Moo Dang (red roast pork over rice with a red gravy), and, Pla Khem (salty preserved fish that is pan fried and served with a very spicy and sour sauce). That last dish is for the 'experienced' eater. It's an acquired taste to say the least, but extremely popular with Thai people and others familiar with oily preserved fish.

It was all delicious.



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  1. Thanks for the report. I'm glad to hear it's all "delicious". How's the food at BTD these days, I wonder, with all the drama and with the sister-who-used-to-cook gone?


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    1. re: The Dairy Queen

      TDQ, it is just my opinion, but with On now open and no longer at BTD, BTD has seriously suffered. Also, I think that is what is driving some of the animosity from BTD towards On.

    2. I was also at On today for lunch. Had the Red Curry with pork. They talked me out of getting it spicy but they were able to bring ground pepper to heat it up. Over all it was very good. I thought it was better than BTD but I was there on hot summer day and the air conditioning wasn't working so that might have influenced my thoughts on BTD. Reminded me of the food I had in Thailand.

      1. We visited On's twice this weekend, photos below. Everything that Huagung has stated above was also confirmed to us. Just to let folks know, we eat at BTD once or twice a week for last two years...
        But, around June, things seemed 'changed', the flavors were a little off and the quality started to slip. Now we know why.
        On and her sister Tok opened up December 2nd, and after our first two visits this weekend, I now know what was missing, On was missing.
        Not only is the ambiance much nicer at On's, but the food is hands down much more tasty and correct. We immediately noticed the freshness of the vegetables and the care that had gone into the preparation. On came out to our table both days to ensure that everything was prepared to our liking, just like she used to in the BTD days.
        Is it better than BTD? In my opinion it completely blows them away.
        Saturday we had Khang Pad Ga Pow, Spring Rolls, and Spicy Noodle. All were incredible dishes perfectly prepared, it may have been the best Thai that I have ever eaten.
        The flavors were balanced perfectly and cooked to perfection. I have literally eaten Pad Ga Pow more than a hundred times, and this was the best yet.
        Sunday, we had egg rolls, Pad Khana Mu Kroup (twice cooked pork belly in sauce), and more Pad Ga Pow. The Pad Khana Mu Kroup, was one of the best pork dishes I have ever had. Each bite of pork was a perfect mix of crunchy skin, fat and succulent meat. It was a pork explosion of taste with each bite.

        Now to the bad!
        The place was almost empty both days, and business has been slow since start up. If you truly want to eat perfectly prepared Thai food that is authentic, and of a high quality, you NEED to get out to On's.
        The photos below are in order the Eggrolls, Spring Rolls, Pad Ga Pow, Pad Khana Mu Kroup, and the menu.

        This is also a temporary menu, On and Tok are expecting to expand it greatly over the next couple of months.
        Chowhounds, do yourselves a favor and get out to On's and taste Thai like it should be prepared.

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        1. re: doctor k

          Dang it, I put the spring rolls up twice and forgot the Spicy Noodle!

        2. Oh my G-D. On's is amazing. Once I found it, a challenge in itself, I had the most incredibly scrumptious meal. We started out with the fish cake appetizers which were little puffs of fish, with chili, lemongrass, something sweet, and fish sauce wrapped in a tofu skin and fried. There were served with a sweet cucumber and chili salad. There were pop in your mouth flavorful.

          For my meal I had the crispy pork with chinese broccoli. It was another wonderful combination of crispy pork belly stir fried with crunchy broccoli all surrounded by a sweet spicy sauce. Transcendent food.

          While we were the only ones there at 6:30 pm, they did say that they had a five year lease and that the noontime traffic is great. Keep them open for me, please. Get there soon and get there often.

          1. I've been thrice, once for take-out and twice to dine in, and I brought friends both times. Everyone has enjoyed it. Service has improved with the addition of the two waitresses with stronger English, although it still feels a little nervous.

            Last time I had the "Spicy Noodle", and it was quite aptly named. Really good.

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            1. re: semanticantics

              The place is truly amazing, I think we are up to about 7-8 visits now. Her Haw Mok is also fantastic. And I agree, now that Jennifer (Tok's daughter) is waiting tables along with the other gal it is now much easier to communicate.
              If you have not tried out the place and you're a fan of Thai, you really owe to yourself to go!

              1. re: doctor k

                awesome! i am so getting that next time. we went and were the only ones there for sun @ lunch (day after xmas, but still!). we all had soup. the tom yum, suki yaki, and my parents had pho (i tried not to be mad they didn't order thai dishes). i will tell you, the thai stuff was awesome! .. plus on came out & gave us some freshly fried shrimp puff chips and talked to us for a while.. great folks, great restaurant.. now if it would only be closer to our house.. :)