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Dec 20, 2010 10:22 AM

Kitchenaide Mixer Overheat?

I used my Kitchenaid Artisan mixer yesterday quite a bit...I whipped egg whites and cream for a mousse and then used the Pasta roller attachment for 2lbs for pasta. Needless to say, midway through the pasta, I thought the machine broke or I fried the motor. I turned it off and tried turning it back on again and the motor made noise like it was going to run, but didnt. I thought I might have broken a gear inside since it was still turning on.

This morning, I checked to see if there was any change and the mixer seems to be working fine. I didnt use it to do anything, but i turned it on, and it seemed like all is well. Is it possible that the mixer was overheating and wouldn't work as a defense against further overheating? With Christmas coming up, I am a but worried about it going out on me...Obviously I will make sure I split its duties up over a few days from here on out and not try to push the limits of a small motor, but should I get this looked at or has this happened to people before?

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  1. The newer KA's (i.e., most of those that haven't been handed down 1+generations) are known to overheat, get overstrained esp with heavy dough mixing/the equivalent, have their gears broken down, etc. (check out the reviews on Amazon or do a simple google). Folks who don't have trouble say they avoid heavy dough, rest between uses, etc.

    The KA Professional is supposed to be more robust but many are happy with and love the Artisan so long as they stick to lighter duty work and briefer intervals.