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Dec 20, 2010 09:27 AM

Pubs near Waterloo Station - London

I'm looking for a decent pub around the Waterloo stop. The quality of the food is more important than the quality of the beer, although I would like a good selection of brew. Any solid pubs in that area?

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    1. Anchor & Hope, 36 The Cut, is great (and famed) for both food and beer - 5 mins walk from The Waterloo Road entrance to the station. Get there early to get a table for food as they don't do bookings.

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      1. re: PhilD

        ^^^ This thread need not go further ^^^

        1. re: chief1284

          well they will never get a seat at the Anchor and Hope but... still a good choice.

          1. re: TomEatsHK

            I've not had a problem getting seats there for lunch in the past few times I have been there, even at 1pm.

            1. re: pj26

              The Anchor and Hope is obviously by far the best place although getting a table isn't always easy.

              As a cheaper option the White Hart on Cornwall Road is a decent place with perfectly good fare and the Kings Arms round the corner on Roupell St is nice as well.

              1. re: ManInTransit

                the Kings arms does Thai food whereas the Anchor and Hope is British. The white Hart is good but nowhere near as good as the Anchor and Hope but a lot cheaper and a good atmosphere (why does russ abbott invade my brain when i say that word)

              2. re: pj26

                We've had the same experience. Our lunch a few weeks ago was great, so we're going back with some visitors on Thursday... if his plane gets to LHR! It really didn't get busy until after 1, although we got there earlier.. just in case.