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Dec 20, 2010 08:34 AM

Holiday Beer - What to Bring To Boston, MA

I live in SE Pennsylvania and need to bring some local flavor to the family gathering in Boston, MA. I want to bring something they can't get - I believe they can get Victory, Troegs, DogFishHead. I am thinking of SlyFox and maybe Stoudts. Anyone from Boston area on the board - what would you want from the Philly area? Thanks.

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  1. Anchors our special ale is widely distributed and might be available. Its a great christmas beer.

    1. I'm not sure they get Weyerbacher - and they have lots of delicious high ABV beers perfect for xmas. The Fourteen is a Barleywine and really great for sipping after a meal.
      Otherwise, if they are are really into great beer, get some Russian River. Temptation is my personal favorite, but Damnation is a little easier to get and not as pricey. Philly is the only place outside of the West Coast you can get RR, so that would be a special gift.

      1. Russian River.
        Bell's (I would love a fresh two hearted mini keg, thanks for asking)
        Great Lakes

        We get Stoudts in MA I believe - or used to anyway. Weyerbacher is also distributed in MA.

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          I agree with all of those, would add Founders or Three Floyd's. Not local to Philly but they aren't in Boston that I'm aware of.

          1. re: Shaggy

            FWIW, I had Founder's Centennial at American Craft just last week, so it has some availability in MA. Whereas, I haven't seen any Bell's products at all in my frequent trips to Boston.

            (And why DOES Michigan have such great beers?)

            PS: Haven't seen Three Floyds either in MA or PA in years. Is it available in the Northeast at all?

            1. re: brandywiner

              3Floyds is distributed only in IL, IN, WI, and KY. Given the very short shelf life I would be suspect of anything found outside the immediate Chicago area.

              1. re: Mayor of Melonville

                Why would you be suspect of the short shelf life of 3F? Couldn't the same be said of the brews of Melonville?

                1. re: Chippewa29

                  Certainly...Melonville is a LONG way from reliable transport and lacks knowledgeable beer drinkers. Our folks confuse 3F with 3M.

              2. re: brandywiner

                Founder's is distributed in MA. 3F has never been in MA (except for EBF fests), but had a short stint in RI a few year's back - I used to drive down there when I heard a new shipment of Dreadnaught came in and buy as many as I could find.

            2. re: LStaff

              Also if you can find some of the Clipper City (now) Heavy Seas offerings out of Baltimore.

              1. re: Chippewa29

                Thanks all for the suggestions. I picked up a case of the Sly Fox 113. My bro is from Portland, OR so he gets Russian River. Also, Sly Fox comes in cans which saves space in the car. Happy Holidays.