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Noah's Ark Recommendations

Going to Noah's Ark (Teaneck) this week.

Do they do anything really well?

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    1. I've never been to Teaneck. But the Lower East Side Noah's does best deep-fried sweet potatoes to die for. The serve them with wonderful burgers.

      1. How are their knishes? They use to offer a bunch of different ones that were homemade, like pastrami etc. Never had them, but wanted to try them. Anyone ever have them?

        1. My recommendation is to avoid anything they have cooked. Try some deli. As vallevin mentioned, some people praise their burgers. My experience involved a unpleasently burned patty that was raw inside, i.e., it was cooked while frozen and too thick to ever cook through.

          1. I know this might sound crazy BUT...they have really really good nachos!

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            1. Steer clear of the burgers. They are pretty awful. People rave about them, but I really don't get it. I guess Jews have just never had a really good burger.

              The sweet potato fries are good.

              1. The last time I was there, someone in our group ordered a very disappointing burger. I now suspect that it is the cook that varies, not the meat. Sometimes you will have a cook who will take a half-frozen burger and char that baby till it's dry as dust. A couple of months later, you get a juicy-good burger. The deli, on the other hand, is reliably good.

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                  I have never eaten at the teaneck location. But I eat at Noah's Ark on Grand st at least a few times a month, and the burgers are amazing. Makes sense if the issue has been the cook. I guess the cook at the Grand st location is more consistent. I order the burgers fairly regularly, especially the brunch all day burger, which has a sunny side up egg on top and just rocks, imo. So sorry to those of you near Teaneck...but if you are in NYC come down to Grand st!

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                    For all of those that have given the burgers negative reviews, can you please clarify if you were at the Teaneck, or NYC location? I've only eaten at the Teaneck location, and although I haven't been there for quite a while, I've always been very happy with their burgers in the past.

                  2. Has anyone tasted their barbecued beef spare ribs?

                    1. I used Noah's Ark to ship food to a summer cottage for a large family and I cannot say enough good things about the food. We had both balsamic and plain grilled chicken. Both excellent, a classic stuffed cabbage. And deli: extra lean corned beef an pastrami, roast beef, all excellent and perhaps the best smoked turkey I've tasted. All were shopped vacuum packed in small portions. We also had grilled vegetables that were a surprise because they were not oily, but fresh and crisp, not limp and greasy as caterer's veggies often are. Excellent. And the sweet noodle, spinach and potato kugels were all top-notch. Their advice on what would keep best was on point. their shipping arrangements as excellent as the food.

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                        I'll second that. We used them to ship food to our hotel in Maui when we were there a few years ago. I was a little worried about eating frozen/rewarmed meals but everything tasted fantastic. They were great to deal with as well.