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Clipper Tea

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Anyone know where I can find a big selection of the UK tea brand Clipper?

They used to sell them at Sobey's on Dupont. I saw a few in Magnolia on College as well but not the Indian Chai flavour I'm looking for. Thanks.

, Toronto, ON M5G, CA

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  1. Hi! I think you can find a good selection at Denninger's Burlington, Global Village market in Hamilton or Vincenzo's in Waterloo.

    740 Belmont Ave W, Kitchener, ON N2M1P2, CA

    1. Hello,

      They have a HUGE selection at McEwan, at the Shops on Don Mills.

      I am actually looking to see if anyone knows of a place that sells the Clipper brand of White Tea w/ Vanilla. It seems nobody has it, and I've had to source it out online. The thing is though that I would much rather go get it myself if I can!

      If the two OPs are still in tune with this conversation, I am wondering if any of the places that have been suggested so far have the flavor I am looking for.

      afternoonveggiedelight, McEwan sells ALL of Clipper's teas -- green, white, black, even the hot chocolate mixes. I have seen at least 10 different boxes there. I do recall seeing a Chai flavor, too.


      38 Karl Fraser Rd
      Toronto, ON
      M3C 0H7

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        Chabichou on Harbord carries Clipper teas. I can't recall how comprehensive their selection is.

      2. 5secondrule, I just called them,, and although they don't carry the white tea w/ vanilla, they do have other varieties.
        Thanks for your tip though!

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          In case you happen to still be looking: Lively Life in St Lawrence Mkt carries Clipper tea, including white with vanilla.