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Nov 13, 2005 10:30 PM

LAX Steaks

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We were stuck at LAX Sunday nite and really didn't want to take a taxi to Marina del Rey or Venice for dinner. There's a new steakhouse at the Sheraton Gateway at LAX that is reasonable and comparable to Mortons, et al. It's called Shula's 347 and really I'd go there again---it's that good. Sides are $3.47 so it's not a rip-off. Anyway if you're stuck at LAX for a while I suggest trying Shulas's.

Great server's too.

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  1. I've mentioned Shula's 347 a couple times on this board and no response by anyone. Maybe Chowhound's take it for granted because its in a hotel, near LAX, not in Beverly Hills or on the Westside.
    Took my NY buddy there on his way out of town and he thought the filet was better than any he's ever had anywhere and that includes Mortons, Peter Luger's, Smith & Wollensky's. Their motto: "Shula Cuts are Better than Prime."



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      It wa ssurprisinly good last year.