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Dec 20, 2010 07:20 AM

Mandolin & immersion blender vs. food processor

Ok, I'm sitting here admiring at my brand new still boxed Cuisinart Elite 12 cup food processor. I wasn't really ready to get one yet, but I knew i would never get one at this price again so I went for it. My question is, if I don't make dough, what can this processor do that a KA immersion blender with the chopper and whisk attachment and a mandolin can't?

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  1. Probably nothing, but I bet it can do it faster. When I was a kid, my job at Thanksgiving was to slice the celery for the stuffing. That's a lot of celery to slice very thin, so I used a mandolin, it still took a very long time. This task carried over into my married life as well and again I used a mandolin for years until we got a food processor. I can now slice enough celery for a really big turkey in minutes not hours. And although you can shread chese for pizza on a grater, the food processor makes quick work of this task as well. The thing is, we typically only drag out the food processor when the task is large, otherwise it's easier to just do it manually.

    1. First of all, the motor on your immersion blender is nowhere near comparable. Sure, you can do certain things on both with decent results but with a huge time differential. Something like hummus will take a minute in the processor but considerably longer with the immersion blender - and depending on the desired texture, much longer. Take a harder ingredient, like peanuts, and the immersion blender loses by a mile. You can make peanut butter in a few minutes with teh Cuisinart. Just try to do that with the immersion blender.

      And be sure to try the banana "ice cream" recipe in the Cuisinart book - the immersion blender couldn't come close to that result (if at all). Ditto smoothies.

      And these are just a few representative examples, but just scratching the surface.