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Dec 20, 2010 07:17 AM

Tex Mex Christmas Eve

Hi all,

My husband is not a foodie and loves Mi Cocina. We are only visiting for a short period of time (I was born and raised in Dallas) and he'd like to go Christmas Eve for dinner. Unfortunately it's closed on Christmas Eve and no other night seems to work. Anyone know of comparable Tex Mex in the northern suburbs (Plano, Frisco) that might be open that night for dinner? We'd travel farther if needed.

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  1. You could try Maximo, I haven't been there so I can't tell you if it's good, it's probably not any worse than Mi Cocina.

    1. Try Chuy's. We have been there for Xmas eve before. There 2 locations in plano.

      3408 N Central Expy, Plano, TX 75074

      1. It's not exactly Tex Mex, but Blue Mesa might be open. It's a small chain, upscale southwestern cuisine and popular. A lot of Tex-Mex type stuff on the menu but slightly less traditional. There's a location in at 121 and the tollway (Plano/Frisco border).

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          If your husband likes TexMex but isn't a foodie, I doubt he'd enjoy Blue Mesa. I really like Blue Mesa but that is really because it is so far from TexMex.

        2. It looks like Blue Mesa is open until 8 that night. He's actually been there before and liked it. He didn't like Chuy's. I've never heard of Maximo, I'll look it up. Any other ideas?

          3408 N Central Expy, Plano, TX 75074

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            It also looks like Agave Azul is open. Does anyone like that? Everything I've read talks about margaritas, but doesn't really mention food.

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              They are known for their margaritas, but the food is also very good...not great, but consistently good. Very tasty fajitas, especially the shrimp. Not crazy about their beef dishes...a bit on the tough side. You might also check out Cantina Laredo.