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Dec 20, 2010 06:56 AM

looking for takeout seafood

looking for best place to order takeout seafood (lobster, shrimp,crab ect) for holiday meal?

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  1. Maine Avenue Fish Market. They'll steam the stuff for free. Of all the places that fry seafood, Jimmy's Grill offers the most consistent product and their seafood soup is all kinds of awesome. The nice ladies who run the place give free samples. They also make some damn tasty carrot and German chocolate cakes. Way better than Cakelove and a fraction of the price.

    Slavin & Sons off Glebe is also a solid seafood supplier.

    1. America Seafood in Arlington probably would fit the bill.

      1. DC, Baltimore, NOVA, Md suburbs? A location would really help.

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          dc, nova,montgomery county md.thanks

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            Cameron's in Silver Spring or Bethesda. You are probably a little late.