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Dec 20, 2010 06:26 AM

Best place to take Mom for lunch in Fairfax City tomorrow.

Looking for an independent place that is roomy that I could reserve a table for lunch in the heart of Fairfax City, or close by there. Thanks. Or no reservations is fine too. Tuesday (tomorrow) should not be too busy, even this week.

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  1. I know people hate recommendations when you haven't been there but I've had so many people recommend Villa Mozart, including my Italian teacher who is not only from Italy but a great cook and picky about her food.

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    1. re: chowser

      Thanks -- I'll take un-visited recs all day long -- I know so little about that part of town, b'cept to note that it can seem kind of rural for a town. Appreciate the response.

    2. Arties. Consistely good to excellent food and service. You can't go wrong with this favorite.

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      1. re: dpan

        Second this. I've never been to Villa Mozart, though.

        1. re: Dennis S

          Artie's would be my suggestion based on no data except "Mom" and "Fairfax."

      2. Been to Villa Mozart many times for both lunch and dinner. Also been to Artie's. No comparison, Villa Mozart beats Arties in every way; food, service and ambiance.